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  • We had a problem with our current way-finding systems ... very confusing

  • got lots of feedback about it being poor and we decided to

  • embark on a project to improve hospital way-finding

  • we relied on the users

  • to come up with ideas around how to improve

  • orientation when you were in the building and we came up

  • with ideas from those users

  • around using colour to zone corridors for example

  • and certain departments.

  • The group of people that I work with

  • really struggle with literacy and obviously so I was coming at it from both

  • having bilingual Welsh and English but making sure that the symbols were fit for

  • purpose for

  • not just people with learning disabilities but the wider population

  • We had a look at all the signs

  • on the board because

  • there's people that

  • can't read

  • so that's why I said

  • they should have symbols

  • to show

  • people where they go.

  • It's really important to involve service users in

  • any sort of design of their care. They need to have a voice they need to be central

  • to the whole

  • aspect of how their care's provided.

  • And my idea was to get the

  • greens and the blues together and the greens together

  • so they know what colour they are and which way to go.

  • It makes me feel that I'm more

  • helpful for the public

  • really ... they're gonna be proud

  • I think they're gonna be really proud of what we're trying to do.

  • So it was our service user group that chose

  • the different colours for all the different schemes. They actually had the

  • final say in terms of which symbol was used

  • so it was the service users that had the power in terms of deciding the final

  • symbol not the service department.

  • There are graphic images everywhere really, sometimes we will walk pass them and maybe we don't realise.

  • Colour coding has been very very useful indeed very useful

  • it eases the way around the hospital for patients

  • it's much easier for them to find where they're supposed to be

  • it's reducing stress, it's reducing time

  • I think it makes the place look more professional and more

  • focused on patients.

  • The next step is that the symbol and the colour zone will go on patients' letters and that's meant to help

  • make it even easier for patients attending hospital.

  • I think this scheme's appropriate to be rolled out right across Wales to all the

  • various hospitals within the NHS across Wales.

We had a problem with our current way-finding systems ... very confusing


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NHS Wales Awards Winners 2013 - Hywel Dda Health Board

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