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  • Welcome to my channel Basic Learn

  • English

  • I was wondering if you would be able

  • to help me with vacation plans.

  • Have you chosen your destination?

  • I don't know where I want to go yet.

  • Do you enjoy warm weather, or are

  • you looking forward to a cooler vacation?

  • A nice temperate climate would be

  • best for me.

  • Why don't you take a look at these

  • brochures that might help you make

  • up your mind?

  • This place looks nice.

  • Have you thought about what you would

  • like to spend on this vacation?

  • I just got a bonus and can spend about

  • three thousand dollars total.

  • I'll be happy to help you make a reservation

  • whenever you decide upon a destination.

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Welcome to my channel Basic Learn


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旅行会社を訪ねる3|英会話を学ぶ15 字幕 (Visiting a Travel Agent 3 | Learn English Conversation 15 subtitle)

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