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  • (mid-tempo bright music)

  • - [Narrator] In a remote part of Japan

  • lives a highly toxic plant called the cycad.

  • And, believe it or not, people consume it regularly.

  • Beloved and cherished by the native people of Amami Ōshima,

  • eating the plant in its raw form could kill you.

  • (mid-tempo upbeat music)

  • Amami Ōshima is home to to hundreds

  • of types of toxic plants.

  • The cycad has been a staple crop

  • on the island for generations.

  • Because it is so poisonous,

  • locals take the necessary steps

  • to make the plant safe for human consumption.

  • - [Narrator] Through the process of fermentation and drying,

  • the poison is extracted from the plant.

  • (machine beeps)

  • (slow gentle music)

  • (slow tranquil music)

(mid-tempo bright music)


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日本の毒を使った料理 (Cooking With Poison in Japan)

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