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  • (gentle instrumental music)

  • - [Narrator] Most cathedrals have been

  • built to withstand the test of time, but not this one.

  • Welcome to the Easter Arches of Sicily, Italy.

  • But come quick, they won't last.

  • Every Easter, the town of San Biagio in Sicily, Italy,

  • is home to a cathedral made out

  • of breads, cereals, and pastas.

  • Visitors are able to wander through the Arches of Bread

  • and enjoy the detailed designs up close.

  • The structure is created by locals,

  • and takes around three months to construct.

  • The origins of this tradition date back

  • to ancient times when visiting royals

  • expected to be greeted with grand displays.

  • San Biagio was a town of mostly poor farmers,

  • so they used what they had: bread.

  • In the mid 18th century the tradition

  • became a celebration of Easter.

  • Although the appetizing displays aren't edible,

  • a walk through the Arches of Bread

  • is a testament to the city's long history

  • and the artistic capabilities of its citizens.

  • (electronic dinging)

(gentle instrumental music)


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この大聖堂はパンでできている (This Cathedral Is Made of Bread)

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