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  • At the eastern end of Japan’s Romantic Road, lies the charming valley town of Nikko.


  • Although famous for being the home of the ornate Toshogu Shrine, which is part of the area’s world heritage site, upon delving a little deeper, the area is brimming with inspiring scenery and unique hiking trails that are well-worth exploring.


  • And this is exactly where were headed.


  • I’m Sam Evans, staff writer for, and today I’m on assignment in Nikko.

    僕はサム・エバンズ、 のスタッフライターです。今日は日光を網羅しに来ています。

  • Nikko is located about 2 hours north of Tokyo, and for this report well be starting at the iconic Shinkyo Bridge before heading to the area’s main tourist attraction Toshogu Shrine.

    日光は東京から北に約 2 時間の場所にあります。今回は象徴的な新京橋から始め、それから日光のメイン観光スポットである東照宮へ向かいます。

  • Then, after getting lunch well head to the boardwalks of the Senjogahara Marsh which will eventually lead to Yudaki Falls, where our day will come to an end.

    そして昼食をとり、戦場ヶ原の遊歩道を歩けば湯滝に到着します。ここで 1 日が終了します。

  • So, follow along as we spend a day exploring Nikko.

    では、行きましょう。日光での 1 日がスタートです。

  • Okay, so we're here at Toshogu Shrine.


  • Now, Toshogu Shrine is one of the most elaborately decorated shrines in all of Japan.

    東照宮は、日本で最も精巧に装飾された神社の 1 つです。

  • Behind me stands the main gate.


  • It's been recently renovated and it looks pretty beautiful to me.


  • One of the focal points of the shrine is the mausoleum for Tokugawa Ieyasu.

    東照宮について押さえたい点の 1 つは、徳川家康の霊廟であるということです。

  • Now, Ieyasu was one of the most important figures in Japanese history, so this is a really special place

    では、家康は日本史において、最も重要な人物の 1 人です。そのため、ここは非常に特別な場所なのです。

  • As far as food goes, Nikko's specialty is yuba.


  • Yuba is tofu skin, and behind me, there's a restaurant that serves the dish.


  • I'm about to go in and try some.


  • From the town, we've arrived in Okunikko.


  • It's known for its nature trails and beautiful scenic spots like this.


  • And that concludes our trip to Nikko.


  • Thanks for joining me.


  • I hope this video has been enjoyable and perhaps even inspires some ideas should you decide to plan a trip to Nikko.


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  • Happy travels.


At the eastern end of Japan’s Romantic Road, lies the charming valley town of Nikko.



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