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  • Melissa we got three laptops here yeah these are all part of Dell Inspiron 7000

  • line this is their premium consumer laptop so what you're gonna see here is

  • consumer friendly pricing but with some premium features that you would like

  • we're gonna start with the Inspiron 13 7000 this is obviously a 13-inch display

  • but look at how thin the bezels are usually on a consumer laptop you got

  • these big fat bezels and it takes up space but because the bezels are so

  • small you have a much more screen real estate within a pretty small profile

  • which also means a really small whip you have a super tiny webcam sitter this

  • year you can barely see it some thin bezel models from Dell XPS 13 stick the

  • camera down here right one can see your double chin it's up here you have a

  • chance is looking a little sharper also you can't really see it it has these

  • little itty bitty microphones on either side you totally can't even try these

  • little itty bitty divots and that gives them far-field microphone capability so

  • you can actually use this with Amazon Alexa Venus - as well as of course

  • Windows 10 for tano so other things about this 13 inch it's got a nice

  • aluminum chassis got a good texture - yeah a nice texture to it it has the

  • chamfered shiny edges on the trackpad got a fingerprint reader a fingerprint

  • reader on the sides you're going to get that seen USB a audio and a little mini

  • SD slot and on this side you have full HDMI which is very much yes and this is

  • HDMI 2.0 too yeah there's Adams thumbs up and then we

  • have a USB C 3.1 gen2 that it has charging capability and you can also

  • connect it to a display and look at how thin this is I mean this is a really

  • thin light portable laptops so it's nice to be able to tuck into your bag you're

  • not gonna feel it as much this is going to start at eight hundred eighty dollars

  • what if somebody wants something a little bigger if someone wants something

  • a little bigger you got the Inspiron 15 7000 so obviously a 15 inch display you

  • still have the thin bezels on three sides you got the little itty-bitty

  • camera at the top would be invisible horror filled microphones I can't see it

  • you've got this really nice brushed aluminum keyboard tray chamfered edges

  • on the trackpad fingerprint reader once again got a lot of extra space here but

  • there also is more space for things inside you have the option of an MX 130

  • discrete GPU you also have the option of a 4k display on this obviously that's

  • gonna use up more battery power it's gonna look a lot nicer here we've got

  • two USB a s and a full SD card slot which I

  • appreciate you guys I don't know about you I just don't have SD cards me too

  • yeah full hdmi 2.0 yes USB scene with

  • charging capability plus the audio port and power and this two is a really thin

  • laptop let me not neglect to mention these are all two and ones so look I've

  • got a 15 inch tablet yes and it has active pen support so I can even draw on

  • it which I like and so yeah I mean it's really nice

  • to see two-in-one versatility coming down to the consumer level I think

  • everyone's gonna want this at some point like clamshell who are you what we're

  • that starting price on this guy starting price on this is actually eight hundred

  • eighty dollars as well okay so obviously you're getting a bigger screen here

  • you're paying for the portability I should also mention you see this silver

  • that's kind of the inspiron base color this this black color I think they're

  • calling it the Black Edition there's going to be an exclusive at Best

  • Buy Oh fun pretty sweet yeah so what if you want

  • something even bigger exactly everyone wants more screen real

  • estate this is the Inspiron 17 7000 17 inch display the bezels are thicker here

  • you've still get the camera and the far-field microphones at the top okay

  • what about inside inside you have the option of a g-force MX 150 discrete GPU

  • to low in GPU but it means that you can do a little gaming on this you got the

  • 10k would you get a 10 key numeric keypad because you got all this space

  • you got to do something along with the keys look how far apart these keys are

  • spaced that's really unusual the nice keypad with the beveled edges this is

  • obviously going to be a lot heavier yeah try try to put that in too long yeah I'm

  • gonna try you got it here you go so one thing to say though

  • about this even though you can put it in the tablet mode and it is touch

  • sensitive does not have active pens support like

  • the 15 and the 13 inch app which actually gives me pause because I like

  • using a stylus I'm like wait I get my 17 inch screen but I don't get pen support

  • we're gonna be checking to see if other laptops of this size have that issue you

  • got two USB a ports here plus the full SD nice and then on the other side you

  • have hdmi 2.0 USB c and audio i think i want to say it

  • they got a lot of room to put other things here on a 17 inch ER but you know

  • i'm just gonna be satisfied this is going to have a starting price of $1,100

  • when it shifts okay nice Thank You Melissa thank you

Melissa we got three laptops here yeah these are all part of Dell Inspiron 7000


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