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  • Which US films had the biggest opening weekends?

  • In this chart, all the box office takings for the opening weekend have been adjusted for inflation to the level of the US dollar in 2019.

  • In 1979, Jaws 2 was dominating.

  • And it wasn't long before a wave of sci-fi movies overtook it.

  • First Star Trek, then Superman 2.

  • Then Star Wars, Return of the Jedi

  • appeared wiping out all previous records, rapidly overtaken

  • by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom which

  • held the top slot for three years

  • until Tim Burton's Batman broke through in 1989.

  • Nothing else could beat Batman, not

  • lifelike CGI dinosaurs, or even Jeff Goldblum,

  • nor Disney's Lion King, until 1995 when

  • Batman Forever finally tops it.

  • In 1998 the somewhat mediocre sequel to Jurassic Park

  • managed to do what the original could not, and took

  • the top position.

  • This is the era when the Star Wars franchise is rebooted.

  • Pixar are hitting their stride with Toy Story 2,

  • but still, nothing can take over until Harry Potter waves

  • his wand in 2002, only to be immediately overtaken

  • by Spider Man.

  • The Spider Man franchise holds the top spot, only

  • to be briefly usurped by Johnny Depp playing a pirate,

  • before Spider Man 3 regains the top spot.

  • Superheroes continue to dominate,

  • as Batman returns to number one, this time with Christian

  • Bale as The Dark Knight.

  • In 2012, Marvel's Avengers finally knocks Batman

  • off his perch, continuing the parade

  • of superheroes in the top position,

  • until Star Wars takes over in 2016.

  • Finally, this year, Avengers: End Game

  • does battle with Star Wars and takes the top spot,

  • with the largest ever opening weekend of $350m.

  • I made this animation using the open source

  • coding platform Observable.

  • The data came from the website, Box Office Mojo,

  • and you can see stats for all sorts of films there.

  • If you have any comments on the video, or any questions,

  • or things you'd like us to look at in this format

  • in the future, let us know on social media.

Which US films had the biggest opening weekends?


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