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  • The new version of ISO 9001:2015 has replaced the previous version of ISO 9001:2008.

  • Let us share with you vital information that will guide you on your

  • smooth transition to the new ISO standard. ISO 9001:2008 was designed to

  • meet business requirements that are existing at that time. Today, the

  • requirements have greatly changed: faster access to information; more empowered

  • customers; complex supply chains. These are just some of the new challenges that

  • the business organization must face. The old processes are no longer relevant and

  • effective today the new ISO 9001:2015 is designed to meet the complex

  • requirements of businesses today where customers are well informed and more

  • demanding of quality and value for money than ever before. The new ISO 9001 has a

  • totally different structure than its older version. From eight (8) clauses, the new

  • standard now has ten (10) process with noticeable changes in titles from

  • context of the organization to leadership. Moreover, the new standard

  • follows the same overall structure as other ISO management system standard

  • which is known as the high-level structure. With this change, ISO 9001:2015

  • can now be easily integrated with other standards. ISO 9001:2015 is more focused

  • on risk-based thinking. If you have been implementing the old version, you would

  • know that risk assessment through preventive action planning is already in

  • place. However, the new standard puts greater emphasis on the importance of

  • risk analysis as one of the major keys in delivering quality products and

  • services. The context of their organization must

  • be determined this refers to the internal and external issues relevant to

  • the organization. The needs and expectations of the interested parties

  • must be determined as well. This means the customers and other

  • stakeholders. There is a greater emphasis in adopting a process approach while

  • many organizations have already implemented a process based system.

  • The new edition explicitly requires organization to demonstrate process approach

  • in the way they meet and exceed their client's expectations.

  • Risk-based approach replaces preventive action.

  • This implies the need for risk assessment and risk management activities.

  • Documented information replaces procedures and

  • records. This means that having a quality manual is no longer a specific

  • requirement. The term goods and services replaces products. This broadens the

  • scope of ISO 9001. Here are four (4) easy steps you can do to smoothly transition

  • to the new ISO 9001: First, understand a new document by going

  • through the changes in its structure. While, indeed, there are changes, most part

  • of the standard remains unchanged. Second, using the ISO 9001:2015, conduct a Gap

  • Assessment that will determine the gaps between your current management system

  • and the new standard. This will help you in planning the needed changes to

  • transition. Third, update your existing quality management system based on the

  • results of your Gap Assessment. The documentation structure will surely vary

  • and change based on the new needed documented information of the ISO 9001.

  • And finally, ensure that all parties concerned should undergo the necessary

  • awareness training. There are indeed new principles and areas of focus that must

  • be properly understood by your respective process owners. The manner and

  • scope of internal audits will also vary based on the new requirements.

  • AGF Consulting Group can guide you in properly training your team in

  • understanding the new standard as well as auditing its new structure

  • maintaining your ISO certification to ISO 9001 will require your organization

  • to upgrade your existing quality management system to the new version of ISO.

  • There is a three-year transition period from the date of publication last

  • September 2015. Your ISO 9001:2008 will no longer be

  • valid by September of 2018. The best time to transition is now.

  • For more information visit our website at or email us at

  • or call our office numbers.

The new version of ISO 9001:2015 has replaced the previous version of ISO 9001:2008.


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ISO 9001:2015移行が簡単に (ISO 9001:2015 Transition Made Easy)

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