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  • (relaxing music)

  • - [Narrator] Why do we balance wheels?

  • We balance to cancel out the uncomfortable vibration

  • that can be felt when an unbalanced wheel

  • is traveling at speed, but balance is not the only cause

  • of wheel and tire-induced vibration.

  • A vehicle may have four perfectly balanced wheels

  • and still experience vibration.

  • Vibration can also be caused by a bent rim.

  • How the tire fits on the rim.

  • Or by construction characteristics of the tire.

  • These factors contribute to road force,

  • which is the change in force acting

  • on a wheel assembly as it rolls.

  • Fortunately, road force is easy

  • to correct if you can measure it.

  • Road force balancers emulate driving conditions

  • by pressing a roller against the tire.

  • The roller measures the road force for an assembly,

  • and the balancer suggests corrections

  • to minimize or eliminate the road force vibrations.

  • The most common corrective actions are,

  • match mounting, the process of rotating the tire

  • on the rim to reduce road force. Bead massage,

  • a technique of exercising the new tire

  • to better fit the rim. Or placing higher

  • road force assemblies in less sensitive wheel

  • positions on the vehicle, like the rear.

  • Balancing is always required to eliminate vibrations,

  • but eliminating all wheel and tire-induced vibration

  • requires measuring and correcting road force as well.

(relaxing music)


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Road Force

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