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  • Andrew Yang: Venture for America is a nonprofit that

  • recruits and trains top college graduates from

  • around the U.S.

  • who want to learn how to build a business.

  • So they work in an early-stage company with an

  • existing entrepreneur in Detroit, New Orleans,

  • Baltimore, Cleveland, other U.S.

  • cities that could use a boost.

  • They work there for two years to help that business

  • expand and grow and also train themselves as

  • entrepreneurs.

  • The goal is that they'll become a manager or leader

  • at that company or they'll start their own company

  • after the two-year fellowship.

  • What we see is that when they work in these

  • early-stage companies and startups, they really become

  • a different sort of person -- the kind of person that

  • understand how to build a business and then

  • understands those challenges and what it takes to take on

  • the same challenge if they start a company.

  • 2012 fellow, Brian Rudolph , moved to Detroit, works at

  • an e-commerce company there funded by Dan Gilbert , and

  • then while he's there, you know, there aren't great

  • food supplies there and he's gluten-free, so he makes

  • himself a pasta out of chickpeas in his kitchen in

  • Detroit and it's pretty terrible, but he keeps going

  • and does it over and over again and fast forward to

  • today -- his business, Banza, which is a chickpea

  • gluten-free pasta company, has raised a million dollars

  • and employees 15 people.

  • And the pasta's delicious.

  • It's being distributed in hundreds of stores around

  • the country.

  • And that's someone who graduated from college less

  • than three years ago now?

  • So that's what our young people are capable of if you

  • put them in a position to have mentors and support and

  • role models.

  • Well, certainly, it's part of the history of this

  • country where the people that came to the U.S.

  • were doing something very entrepreneurial.

  • Often, they had to build new lives for themselves -- new

  • homes, new businesses.

  • They would migrate West to unspoiled territory and then

  • explore it and settle.

  • I think that that's what really people want to

  • preserve and sustain, which is that spirit of enterprise

  • that's made this country great for its entire history.

Andrew Yang: Venture for America is a nonprofit that


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