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  • I want to see the boss!

  • You sell fakes!

  • We sell all genuine products.

  • Now you're lying to me?

  • I'll destroy this place!

  • It's just for years

  • we have been lying to our customers.

  • That's limited edition.

  • It's from Korea.

  • We have made some money,

  • but I feel uneasy a lot of the time,

  • as if I'm going against my conscience.

  • But if we really do business honestly,

  • we can't make much money at all.

  • And with the bribes we must pay officials,

  • we won't make anything at all.

  • It's hard.

  • If we want a way out of this life,

  • and want to walk the right path,

  • and have a meaningful, valuable life,

  • we have to go in front of God,

  • and accept God's salvation.

  • God can help us escape our torment,

  • and bring people light.

  • I really have to believe!

  • We can't continue lying just to earn dirty money.

  • We should be honest and conform to God's requirement.

  • What?

  • Wei's a gambler.

  • He lost it all. He's long gone now!

  • We have a delivery tomorrow.

  • What should we do?

  • Our deadline is tomorrow.

  • If we can't make delivery,

  • then we'll have to pay breach fees.

  • We used shoddy goods to fill the order and deceive them.

  • We were not being trustworthy.

  • A little lie once in a while can't hurt, right?

  • OK.

  • The moment when money is involved,

  • why do I involuntarily deceive others?

  • I couldn't practice truth when I was in trouble,

  • because I was bound and constrained by Satan's nature.

  • Total honesty is walking the right path.

  • We're very sorry.

  • So this time, we want to give genuine goods.

  • We also want to give you this breach compensation.

  • We accept responsibility for this.

  • Right.

I want to see the boss!


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