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  • Hi, I'm Christan Vick, a home stylist at The Home Depot.

  • Whether you're looking to totally redo your living room

  • or just bring it up to date, here are some trending decor ideas

  • to help you get the look that you want.

  • Wall color plays a big part in freshening up a room,

  • so it's a great place to start.

  • And you don't necessarily need to paint all the walls.

  • Break up a larger room by applying a complementary or contrasting color

  • to one accent wall.

  • And don't be afraid to go bold with your color choices.

  • Also consider wallpapering all or one of your walls.

  • Wallpaper is back, a popular new trend.

  • And today's wallpapers offer a wide array of bold patterns, vibrant colors,

  • and unique textures.

  • Your paper selection can reflect your existing decor

  • or stand out in a fresh, unexpected way to make your room pop.

  • Once you've created your focal point, you

  • can start positioning your furniture.

  • Start by positioning your largest pieces first,

  • and then layer in rugs, tables, chairs, and accessories.

  • Create a conversation area by keeping furniture close together

  • in intimate groups.

  • Don't spread things too far apart, but do allow

  • enough room between pieces for passage.

  • 2 feet is a good rule.

  • Your conversation area can feature a mix of sofas, loveseats, or chairs,

  • whatever best suits the size of your room.

  • If you do place furniture along the edges of your room,

  • float pieces a few inches away from the wall.

  • This allows the room to breathe so that it doesn't feel cramped.

  • Gallery walls are a huge trend.

  • You can create something balanced and symmetrical

  • or go for a more free-flowing and organic feel.

  • To figure out your gallery wall, lay all of your pieces down on the floor.

  • Move them around and play with what looks best next to each other.

  • Or you can design your gallery wall by using paper cutouts of each art piece.

  • Experiment with arrangements before deciding.

  • There are also online templates to help.

  • Ideally, one of your larger selections should serve

  • as an anchor point for the arrangement.

  • Try mixing in other shapes, textiles, or sculptures to tell your personal story.

  • You can also display your art pieces on decorative wall shelves

  • so that you can easily rearrange your art as your tastes change.

  • When shopping for textiles like pillows, window treatments, and area rugs,

  • it's helpful to bring along a sample of your wall and furniture colors.

  • Coordinating these design elements will help tie the whole room together

  • in one cohesive look.

  • If you have neutral-colored furniture, add pops of color with pillows.

  • When mixing patterns, make sure they complement

  • each other in either tone or color.

  • Start with larger random patterns and mix

  • in smaller repetitive pattern pillows around them.

  • Limit the number of pillows you use so that they grab attention.

  • Area rugs can help create different sections within a room

  • as well as reinforce your overall color scheme.

  • When shopping for area rugs, consider choosing an outdoor rug.

  • They are typically more durable, fade-resistant, and easier

  • to clean than indoor rugs.

  • Plus there are vibrant patterns and colors

  • that you may not expect to find in outdoor rugs.

  • An important element in any room is lighting.

  • It can showcase certain aspects of a room and help set the tone.

  • Floor lamps and sconces are great options for mid-level lighting.

  • Table lamps work well for low-level lighting.

  • Here's a bright idea.

  • Change out your bulbs for ones with updated LED or smart technology.

  • The new LED bulbs not only lower your energy bill,

  • they offer better color, function, and design options

  • than bulbs that came out just a few years ago.

  • Smart bulbs let you dim and program your bulb's brightness and on times.

  • They make it easy to create overall directional and ambient

  • lighting in each room.

  • Good luck with your project.

  • I hope it's a lot of fun.

  • For more inspiration on home decor and creating a look that you will love,

  • visit us online at



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