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  • Hey everyone I'm here at the Interior Design Show and it's a huge show this

  • year that the Metro Toronto Convention Center and there's quite a bit of new

  • product here like new pieces of furniture as well as materials and new

  • concepts. Design concepts especially. They're not necessarily in production

  • but they're just trying to push the boundaries of design and trying to

  • stretch the idea and your imagination. So those are the most fun booths to enter

  • into.

  • Lots of great design concepts that kind of need to be explored in greater detail.

  • As for the show itself it seems very moody in here not just the lighting but

  • just generally the design direction seems to be dark and moody and very

  • luxurious in terms of finishes like a lot of brass and gold but even the

  • colors are dark and moody and very luxe!

  • And then there's the opposite which is sort of a very Nordic and Scandinavian

  • type of look where things are really streamlined and modern and clean.

  • So I think I've walked the floor at least three or four times now. I've seen a

  • lot of beautiful things. It's another year at the Interior Design Show. I'm

  • actually going to be here all day tomorrow

  • providing free design consultation and I'll be at the ARIDO booth which is the

  • association that I belong to so I'm looking forward to the consultations

  • tomorrow but otherwise this show is done!

  • you

Hey everyone I'm here at the Interior Design Show and it's a huge show this


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