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  • You'll never see me weep again.

  • I'm finished with the tears forever.

  • You do have two sons left you, Fee...

  • and you have Meggie.

  • It's not too late for Meggie.

  • - Meggie? - Will you promise me something?

  • If you like.

  • Look after Meggie. Don't forget her.

  • Make her go to the local dances, meet the young men.

  • Help her look around her world and find some good, kind man to marry...

  • who'll give her children and a home of her own. It's time.

  • - Whatever you say, Father. - Fee, she's your daughter.

  • It's as if you never remember that.

  • Does any woman?

  • What's a daughter?

  • Just a reminder of the pain...

  • a younger version of oneself...

  • who will do all the same things, cry the same tears.

  • No, Father.

  • I try to forget I have a daughter.

  • It survived.

  • Meggie, I need no reminder of you. Not now, not ever.

  • I carry you within me. You know that.

  • I must go.

  • Yes.

  • Everything's all right now.

  • All in order.

  • The dead are buried and blessed...

  • and you and Mom have my life planned out.

  • Meggie, we must make an end to this.

  • My life belongs to God. You've always known that.

  • That dear and gentle God...

  • Who has taken from me everyone that I've loved most in the world.

  • One by one.

  • Frank, and Hal...

  • and Stuie...

  • and my father.

  • And you, of course. Always you.

  • God is merciful.

  • There'll be no one else to grieve.

  • He is merciful.

  • I know you can't see that now, but he is.

  • He spared the rose.

  • He sent the rain.

  • No, Ralph.

  • Who sent the fire?

You'll never see me weep again.


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A2 初級

ソーン・バード・シーンズ - 15.メギーの心の傷 (The Thorn Birds Scenes - 15. Meggie's heartbreak)

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