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  • When Justine was born...

  • You said I still saw you as a child...

  • or a some ideal image.

  • And it was true.

  • How else could I fight you?

  • To see you as you really are, with a body that molds perfectly to mine...

  • and a soul that lies open to me...

  • would be to lose my soul.

  • and now, you think you have lost it...

  • just by being a man.

  • What kind of God would shut men out of Paradise for loving women?

  • A God I still can't give up for you.

  • I know...

  • I know.

  • But now you're here with me.

  • And while you're here, you're mine.

  • What will you do now?

  • I have the house for two months.

  • And then?

  • - I'll write to you from Rome. - No.

  • I don't want letters.

  • I may never see you again.

  • - As punishment for this? - My punishment...

  • is never to be sure again...

  • that I love God...

  • more than you.

When Justine was born...


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The Thorn Birds Scenes - 33. Paradise Lost (love scene)

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