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  • Japan has revealed the name that will symbolize a new era under its next emperor.


  • The name will also be used as the basis of Japan's Imperial calendar system, Lee Seung-jae reports.

    年号は日本の皇暦としても使われることとなります。Lee Seung-jae がお届けします。

  • Carefully selected by a panel of experts and the government under strict secrecy, Tokyo has announced the 2 characters that will be the name of its new era under Japan's next emperor.

    極秘で専門家や政府により厳密に選ばれ、東京は、日本の次の代の天皇即位に伴い、新しく 2 文字の年号を発表しました。

  • Japan's new imperial name is Reiwa.


  • Reiwa which symbolizes auspiciousness and harmony will be used as the basis for japan's unique imperial calendar system.


  • Once Crown Prince Naruhito takes over the chrysanthemum throne from his father emperor Akihito on May 1st, Akihito's abdication will bring an end to the Heisei era.

    5 月 1 日に現在の徳仁皇太子が明仁天皇の皇位を継承すると、明仁天皇の退位により「平成」は幕を閉じることとなります。

  • 2019 will be known as the first year of the new era or Reiwa 1.

    2019 年は「令和」の最初の年、または「令和 1 年」となり、

  • And will be used on official documents, coins, driver's licenses and newspapers by businesses and in daily life starting next month.


  • While the Gregorian calendar is widely used in Japan, the older generation as still uses the Japanese system.


  • Japan's Prime Minister also expressed his hope for the new gengo (era name) or an era name.


  • We decided this name as we thought this is the best gengo to show our hope to the new era.


  • Some observers have pointed out that the Abe administration has put a message on ultra-nationalism centered on Japan by the continual use of the Imperial era.


  • In the wake of Japan's defeat in World War two, some argue the system should be abolished on account of its relations to Emperor Hirohito who ruled Japan during the war.


  • However with calls by conservatives in Japan for the ongoing use of the gengo the rather controversial tradition continues.


  • Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.

    Lee Seung-jae、アリランテレビでした。

Japan has revealed the name that will symbolize a new era under its next emperor.


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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[最新トピック] 日本の新元号「令和」 (Japan's new imperial era named )

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