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  • "Hey..."

  • "Okay, I hear you, loud and clear, and I know why you want to stay at school

  • until the end of the term."

  • I love making independent movies,

  • so my agent sent me the script

  • they had offered me the role of Claire in Public Schooled [Adventures in Public School]

  • and I just felt so in love with the whole story

  • the whole script from beginning to end, I thought it was really special and really jumped off the page.

  • "I feel like a pretty cool kid..." "You are such a cool kid!"

  • "I hope this is a long song because grandma is chomping at the bit to dance with you."

  • The character of Claire in Public Schooled, like, has a really, like, cool journey

  • and a strong presence in the movie and in her character,

  • and I was so shocked and excited when I got cast in that movie.

  • It's always nice to just not be, like, working for one day on a movie on the phone

  • in the kitchen, like, this is a real fully-formed character.

  • "Okay, hug break."

  • "We're stuck together, you and me." "Yeah, forever."

  • "Forever..." "Well, not forever."

  • "No, forever." "Okay."

  • "Okay."

  • "Okay!"



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A Real, Fully-Formed Character | ADVENTURES IN PUBLIC SCHOOL | TIFF 2018

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