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  • What's up? I'm Marko. I'm Alex. And we are the Vagabrothers.

    調子はどう皆? 僕はマルコ

  • And these are the top 10 FREE things to do in London.


  • London is a great city, but an expensive one.


  • But don't worry! There's still tons of free things to see and do.

    ロンドンで ”無料" ですべきことトップ10の紹介です

  • For this video we've teamed up with Twenty Something London.

    ロンドンは素晴らしい街だけど 同時に物価の高い場所でもある

  • A website about London, by Londoners, to bring you guys the 10 best FREE activities in the city.

    でも心配ご無用 タダで見れる・できることが山ほどある

  • Let's go check it out!

    ”Twenty Something London"との共同動画です

  • Start off in the heart of London, in Trafalgar Square, at the National Portrait Gallery.

    ロンドナーによるロンドンに関する サイトを運営する彼ら

  • The National Gallery has one of the best collections of European art in the world.

    この街で無料でできる 最高の10のアクティビティーを紹介していくよ

  • Plus, it's walking distance from London landmarks, like Trafalgar Square, The Mall, and Buckingham Palace.


  • Number 2, the Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the foremost museums of design.

    ロンドンの中心から始めよう トラファルガースクエアにあるのは ナショナルギャラリー

  • The V & A includes various art-forms from around the world, from sculptures to fashion, ceramics to jewelry, from the middle-ages to the modern era.

    ナショナルギャラリーは欧州芸術の 世界最高峰のコレクション

  • If you prefer the sciences to the arts, head down Museum Lane to the Science Museum.


  • Seven storeys of hands-on exhibitions that take you from the Industrial Revolution to the Space Age.

    ザ・マル バッキンガム宮殿など

  • On the banks of the River Thames you can't miss the Tate Modern.


  • A superb collection of Modern Art housed in a former power station, including works from Dali, Picasso, Rothko and more.

    No.2 ヴィクトリア・アルバート美術館

  • But our favourite is the British Museum.

    デザインに関する美術館の中では 最も有名なうちのひとつ

  • A dream for anybody interested in ancient civilisations.


  • It's home to the Rosetta Stone and other priceless treasures of Antiquity.

    彫刻からファッション、セラミック 宝石まで また中世から現代までと幅広い

  • The best of the world under one roof.


  • Don't just stick to the mega-museums.

    Museum Laneの科学博物館へどうぞ

  • Seek out smaller galleries, starting with Gasworks which hosts rotating residencies for international artists who often open up their studios to the public.

    7階建ての体験型展示 産業革命から宇宙時代まで誘ってくれる

  • On Brick Lane, drop into Stolen Space, an urban art gallery founded by London zone street artist D*Face.


  • Spend the rest of your afternoon lounging in one of London's many parks.

    かつて電力発電所だった建物に 優れた現代アートが収蔵されている

  • The Inner Circle at Regent's Park is one of the great free open spaces in the city, perfect for a picnic, reading a book or just chilling out.


  • At some point you have to spend some time looking over the Thames.

    でも僕らのお気に入りは 大英博物館

  • Forget the London Eye, it's overpriced.


  • Enjoy the view from the comfort of a pub like the Mayflower.


  • The pints aren't free, but it's worth the price.

    一つ屋根の下に 世界最高峰が眠ってる

  • When night falls, don't get caught paying for cover in some fancy London club.


  • Head to a place like Venn St Records.

    小さなギャラリー巡りも Gasworksから始めよう

  • A chilled music bar, with good vibes, affordable drinks and live music 7 nights a week.

    国際的なアーティストが 入れ替わりで一般向けに展示してる

  • So hope you enjoyed that list.

    ブリックレーンでStolen Spaceに 飛び込んでみよう

  • Let us know what we missed in the comment box below.

    ロンドンのストリートアーティストD*Faceが 設立した都市型ギャラリー

  • And while you're down there, check out the description box for a link to Twenty Something London, that's got lots of local tips about the city.

    午後はたくさんある公園のどこかで ゆっくり過ごそう

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    リージェンツパークのインナーサークルは 無料開放されてる

  • Share this video with your friends and we'll see you guys on the road.

    ピクニック、読書 ゆっくりするだけでも最高だね

  • Love you! Bye! Peace out!

    どこかしらでテムズ川を 眺める時間はとらないと

What's up? I'm Marko. I'm Alex. And we are the Vagabrothers.

調子はどう皆? 僕はマルコ


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ロンドンで無料でできることトップ10 (Top 10 FREE Things To Do in London)

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