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  • Jupiter could be considered an independent solar system, only in miniature form.

    木星は 1 つの独立している太陽系だと考えられることがあります。小規模の場合のみですが。

  • The gas giant has the same basic ingredients as the sun and is surrounded by dozens of geologically diverse moons.


  • Out of the 79 confirmed surrounding Jupiter, four ancient moons have astronomers really excited because they offer up some of the most distinctive geology in the solar system, including clues of deep, subsurface oceans that could be home to life.

    木星に従っている 79 個の衛星の中、最初に発見された 4 つの衛星は天文学者を興奮させました。なぜならば、その衛星群が太陽系に最も特別的な地質を提示しているからです。そして、生物が生息できる深海も含めています。

  • The Galilean moons are named after Galileo Galilei, who first observed them in 1610.

    ガリレオ衛星は 1610 年にガリレオ・ガリレイによって発見されて名付けられました。

  • Io, Jupiter's closest Galilean moon, is unusual because its composition is closer in comparison to the terrestrial planets than the icy bodies that surround it.


  • Io is also the most volcanically active body known in the solar system with over 400 active volcanoes.

    また、イオ衛星は太陽系の中で火山活動が最も活発的な天体だと知られており、活動中の火山は 400 個以上あります。

  • This is due to the internal heating produced by the pulling and stretching effect of Jupiter's gravity and smaller neighboring moons on Io as it orbits Jupiter.


  • That same tug-of-war heating effect is the reason why some astronomers believe that Jupiter's second Galilean moon is home to a deep subsurface ocean up to twice the volume of Earth's oceans.


  • Unlike Io, Europa has an icy surface, but below it, astronomers think there may be a salty ocean that could harbor life-bearing chemistry, including organic molecules.


  • When Europa swings by Jupiter on an elliptical orbit, gravitational tidal forces stretch and flex the sides of the moon, creating internal friction that essentially heats the moon from the inside out.


  • Using its Europa Clipper spacecraft in the 2020s, NASA plans to get a closer look at the moon in order to confirm the existence of a potential ocean.

    アメリカ航空宇宙局は 2020 年代にエウロパ・クリッパー宇宙探査機を使って、この衛星を詳しく調べ、潜在的な海が存在しているかどうかを確認する予定です。

  • Europa's neighbor, Ganymede, is also believed to have an ocean hidden under its thick icy shell.


  • The moon's magnetic field may be affected by an electrically conducting layer from within, which hints at the existence of a liquid saltwater ocean.


  • But Ganymede's distance from Jupiter means there's a weaker tidal force at play, so it's less likely that liquid water is present.


  • The moon is the only one in the solar system known to have a magnetosphere, protecting its surface from harmful radiation and solar wind.


  • As Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede would be considered a planet if it were orbiting the Sun.

    木星の最も大きな衛星のガニメデはもし太陽を周回していれば、 1 つの惑星であると認定されます。

  • Out of all four Galilean moons, Callisto is the farthest from Jupiter.

    カリストは 4 つのガリレオ衛星の中で木星から距離が最も遠い衛星です。

  • The moon is purported to be one of the most heavily cratered objects in the solar system.


  • With some impact basins expanding to about 2,600 kilometers across, these craters could teach us a lot about the formation of our early solar system, as astronomers believe its surface hasn't changed in over four billion years.

    こういったクレーターにより原始太陽系の多くのことを知ることができます。この衛星は衝突盆地の直径が 2,600 キロメートルをわたる衝突クレーターを持ち、天文学者はカリストの表面は 40 億年間に変わらないままであると考えています。

  • Unmanned spacecraft have been conducting flybys of the Galilean moons for decades and findings from these missions suggest an even greater presence of water.


  • Along with NASA's Europa Clipper, the European Space Agency's JUpiter ICy moons Explorer, aka JUICE will gain a deeper understanding of the moons' mysterious properties.

    アメリカ航空宇宙局 NASA のエウロパ・クリッパーとともに、欧州宇宙機関の JUICE と呼ばれる Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer 探査機は未知に溢れる衛星について一層深く観測してくれます。

  • But getting to these moons will be no small feat since the craft will need to slingshot around the Sun and then travel about 800 million kilometers before being caught by Jupiter's massive gravitational pull.

    この木星の衛星にたどり着くことはかなり大きな功績なのです。なぜならば、探査機はまず太陽に近くまで投射されて、木星の巨大な引力に捉えられる前におおよそ 8 億キロメートルを飛行しなければなりません。

  • If the spacecraft can survive this arduous journey and manage to generate enough energy to travel between the moons, astronomers will gain an unparalleled glimpse into what lies beneath their surfaces, which could even result in the discovery of the first forms of life beyond Earth.


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Jupiter could be considered an independent solar system, only in miniature form.

木星は 1 つの独立している太陽系だと考えられることがあります。小規模の場合のみですが。


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