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  • - [Host] La Scarzuola began as a Franciscan monastery,

  • but today, it's an architectural wonderland.

  • In the 1950s, an architect named Tomaso Buzzi

  • purchased La Scarzuola in Terni, Italy,

  • with the intention of turning it into his own ideal city.

  • Each work is carefully thought out and built

  • to represent an inner thought of Tomaso.

  • He considered this his autobiography in stone.

  • La Scarzuola was formed by seven theaters

  • representing Tomaso's notion that the ideal life

  • is symbolically theatrical.

  • Influenced by Dali and Escher, his style is a blend

  • of surrealistic architecture, and neo mannerist elements

  • which can be felt in the general unbalance

  • and disproportionate feel of the place.

  • These elements are meant to reflect Tomaso's

  • passionate belief that life is both mysterious

  • and perplexing.

  • After Tomaso passed in 1981,

  • his nephew continued to work on La Scarzuola

  • to complete his uncle's vision,

  • allowing Tomaso's ideal city to live on.

- [Host] La Scarzuola began as a Franciscan monastery,


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イタリアのシュールな理想郷を覗いてみましょう。 (A Peek Into Italy's Surreal 'Ideal City')

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