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  • - [Narrator] Like a scene out of Frozen,

  • in the mountains of Shanxi Province, in Northern China

  • lie the Luyashan Mountain's Ningwu ice caves,

  • a spectacle of icicles, ice falls and ice stalagmites.

  • (energetic music)

  • These caves are thought to have formed

  • around three million years ago, during an early ice age.

  • And while there are many caves like this around the world,

  • the Ningwu caves are special for one particular reason.

  • This cave stays frozen all year long.

  • While temperatures can reach up to 70 degrees outside

  • in the summer, the temperature inside

  • never rises above 32 degrees.

  • Scientists believe this is due

  • to the cave's natural bowling pin shape,

  • which traps cold air inside.

  • Stretching thousands of feet down,

  • the top 300 feet are open to the public,

  • with five layers connected by a winding maze of ice stairs,

  • holes and bridges.

  • Established as a national park in 2005,

  • the caves are staged with colorful lights

  • emphasizing the grandness of this ancient cavern.

  • It is truly a sight to behold.

- [Narrator] Like a scene out of Frozen,


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This Chinese Ice Cave Never Thaws

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