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  • I've used PCs, or to be more correct Windows Computers pretty much all my life.

  • I still remember one of my first PCs, nothing like computers of today, it was an ugly beige

  • box, with a shiny metal sticker promoting the powerful Pentium 2 processor with MMX

  • technology.

  • And as computer technology has progressed through the years I've always been tempted

  • by the nice looking hardware and unique applications that the Apple ecosystem offers but in the

  • end I've always just stuck to my Windows devices.

  • Hi I'm David and this is why I use a PC, not a Mac.

  • The simplest reason why I use a PC is due to them just being everywhere.

  • You go to school, there's a PC.

  • You go to work, there's a PC.

  • You go to the library, again a PC.

  • I grew up with the Windows platform and was constantly surrounded by it from friends and

  • family.

  • So it just never made sense to me when growing up to take the path less travelled.

  • And while yes nowadays MacOS is more common to see especially at the local starbucks.

  • It not a great OS if you're a PC gamer.

  • Want to play Destiny 2, Not supported.

  • The new Star Wars Battlefront, Not supported.

  • Pubg, and you get the point.

  • I'm not a hardcore gamer or anything close to that but if I want to grab a couple friends

  • and have an old fashion LAN party I'm not going to be able to do that with a bunch of

  • Mac computers.

  • But Hey!

  • Don't Macs have less viruses, better software and hardware integration, and Final Cut Pro

  • X is awesome for video editing.

  • And maybe some of that is true but the Windows experience in the last couple iterations has

  • come a long way.

  • Sure, I do still really hate when Windows feels like automatically updating the system

  • when I'm in the middle of some work, and the little games and apps it continues to

  • install in the background is ridiculous, but in terms of stability and usability it's

  • been solid enough that that I'm not itching to leave anytime soon for software alone.

  • Hardware on the other hand is a bigger dilemma for me.

  • I'll admit, Apple products have a really nice industrial design that appeals to my

  • taste.

  • I still remember the early days of the childish funky colors of the original iMacs, the clean

  • and simple Mac desktops, to the modern thin and powerful Macbook notebooks.

  • I really wanted a Mac product for looks alone where everything from the Windows ecosystem

  • was stuck in the past their clunky plastic designs.

  • But thankfully a lot of that has changed with the development of new hardware.

  • These new professional and stylish products from the PC ecosystem have become prevalent

  • enough that I can satisfy my hardware itch and still stick to the PC side.

  • The last part I love about PCs is building your own computer.

  • While some people will complain about Mac products, saying their overpriced for the

  • hardware you get, I'd argue pre-built PCs be pretty pricey as well in regards to the

  • value for the money these days.

  • Instead I just really like the building process for PCs, choosing specific components tailored

  • for my needs, finding a case that fit my style, and the ease of replacing failed or upgraded

  • components to keep my system alive just a bit longer.

  • Yes you can build a Hackintosh PC and get a similar experience, and I've tried that

  • before but limited hardware compatibility and the worry of stuff not working after a

  • MacOS update never really gave me confidence to use the system full time.

  • But that's why I still use a PC over a Mac.

  • I'm sure if I had to, I could adapt to the unorthodox command key, lack of native right

  • clicks, and use a console like a peasant for all my gaming needs but for now I'm perfectly

  • happy in the Windows ecosystem and see no reason to change anytime soon.

  • But that's just me.

  • Hope you guys enjoyed this one.

  • You know what to do.

  • And I'll see you in the next video.

I've used PCs, or to be more correct Windows Computers pretty much all my life.


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