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  • There's even a special key to get in. So right now it's locked.

  • I'm going to see if I can get the key.

  • Shanghai - it's one of the world's wealthiest cities.

  • It's also considered to be one of China's most international cities and it's massive,

  • with a population of 24 million, that's about the size of Australia.

  • There's everything you can imagine here, swanky hotels, yachts and unique dining experiences.

  • I've come to see explore the luxury side of Shanghai to see the value of $30,000 in this city.

  • If you're looking for a highly spacious place to stay, there's this ultra-luxury suite at The Peninsula.

  • The price tag?

  • $22,000 per night.

  • But, hey, it includes rides in the hotel's Rolls Royce, too.

  • You can almost get lost in here, that's how big it is.

  • Despite how big it is there's only actually two bedrooms.

  • This one here is the master bedroom.

  • This suite even has its own meeting room.

  • There's a gym in here, too.

  • It might have its own gym but it doesn't have its own pool so if you want to go for a swim,

  • well, you'll have to go out to the hotel pool and swim with everyone else.

  • It has one of the most iconic views of Shanghai, which is overlooking The Bund.

  • The Bund is a waterfront area in central Shanghai,

  • a popular destination for tourists, featuring restaurants and nightlife.

  • But despite the hefty price tag per night, if you want to go for a ride on the hotel yacht,

  • that'll cost you an extra $2,000 for an hour.

  • But hey, it includes tea time.

  • The only Peninsula in the world to have its own yacht.

  • This can fit up to 10 people and is used for lunches, evening river cruises and corporate events.

  • This is the cupola. It's hosted the likes of Tom Cruise and Halle Berry.

  • While the main floor accommodates various group sizes,

  • the private room is the most intimate setting reserved for just two.

  • Guests here can order food from a number of different restaurants in the building.

  • Of course, a night on the Bund can vary drastically, but let's call it $900.

  • About 15 minutes away is this new hotel, The Middle House,

  • which shows off a different take on Shanghai's luxury hotel scene.

  • Welcome to the gallery suite, here at the Middle House.

  • A suite for one night?

  • $1,000.

  • The hotel is also home to Café Gray Deluxe.

  • A bottle of 2006 Salon?

  • Will cost you almost $1,400.

  • But if you're on my budget, a glass of house champagne will do as well.

  • Back at the Peninsula, if you're looking for a private dining experience,

  • Yi Long Court has its own a private room where you can avoid being seen.

  • The Chef's Table here has a $2,000 minimum.

  • You can also see the chef's prepare your food but from a distance.

  • Finally, if you want to learn something new,

  • the Four Seasons offers a photography class with a local photographer.

  • Chinese red, red, lady in red.

  • Combine an upscale Shanghai-style lunch which includes pork dumplings and fish

  • with a walking tour through some of the city's historic sights.

  • And the cost for two people?

  • $700.

  • I get a preview of what it entails.

  • Shanghai never stops changing. My kindergarten is a high-rise building.

  • My elementary school, on the corner, is a high-rise building. My high school is a high-rise building.

  • I learn about how drastically Shanghai has been changing.

  • We come outside of those walls and all of a sudden I see a White Castle, a beer hall.

  • Welcome to new Shanghai.

There's even a special key to get in. So right now it's locked.


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