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  • This may look like I'm working at a cool tech company right now,

  • but I'm actually at the airport.

  • Singapore Changi Airport is often ranked the best airport in the world.

  • So when it opens up a brand new terminal,

  • you can be sure expectations are pretty high.

  • And there's so much new technologies at this terminal,

  • I'm wondering, is it possible to go through the entire process

  • without interacting with any human personnel?

  • There's kiosks everywhere you look. In fact, it's nearly

  • impossible to find a human working when you check in for your flight.

  • There's literally no traditional counter with a human here.

  • You have all your kiosks here for check-in and then over on this side,

  • you have kiosks for bag drop.

  • Even the bag-check is fully automated.

  • Specifically designed so that you don't have to lift your large luggage.

  • You can sort of just gently put it over the edge.

  • And of course there's touchscreen monitors everywhere.

  • But the Wi-Fi is a bit complicated.

  • At some airports you can log on right away,

  • but here I have to scan my passport to get a Wi-Fi code.

  • Off to a rough start.

  • It generates a password.

  • The airport has candy at the information counter. The options?

  • Green apple, mint or grape.

  • I'm going for green apple.

  • There's many options for places to charge your devices.

  • You have two USB ports and one universal socket.

  • And instead of the advertisements you usually see at baggage claim sections,

  • this airport has a lot of plants and greenery.

  • The water station. You can get cold, warm or hot.

  • Oh, and she speaks!

  • "Warm water." Warm water.

  • "Cold water." Cold water.

  • "Please unlock hot water."

  • The water section is a bit complicated.

  • It took a few minutes but I got it.

  • It's time to head to my gate.

  • At the other terminals of this airport, your passport and boarding pass

  • are usually checked twice by human personnel

  • but this terminal takes automation to a whole new level.

  • You scan your passport, boarding pass and give your fingerprint.

  • And just like that you're ready to leave the country.

  • My first interaction with a human isn't until the security check process.

  • I don't need to take out my laptop!

  • It's all carpeted too which makes it quite nice and relaxing.

  • The lighting is really good too.

  • Now, it's time to find a relaxing chair.

  • It may not look like it, but this chair is actually really comfortable.

  • It sort of molds to your back. It's really, really relaxing.

  • There's a number of computers that you can choose to work from.

  • And more gardens. These are real fish.

  • A giant LED light wall plays homage to Singapore's culture and heritage.

  • The display shows how shophouse architecture has evolved from the 1880s

  • to 1950s and of course you can't forget about the airport lounges.

  • Now, it's time to head to my gate. Again, more automation.

  • It's time to board the plane. Instead of one line, we line up into

  • three lines and most of us board, again without any human interactions.

  • The turnstile has a camera and records my face as I board the plane.

This may look like I'm working at a cool tech company right now,


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