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  • It's described as Britain's most expensive divorce and it involves a Russian billionaire and his ex-wife.

  • At the center of the dispute is this $500 million yacht.

  • It has been seized by authorities in Dubai.

  • Its name is Luna.

  • With a total of nine decks, it features two heliports, a spa and a swimming pool.

  • And typically needs a crew of 50.

  • It's even reportedly the 23rd largest yacht in the world.

  • So, why is this super luxury yacht being held at this port?

  • This is Farkhad Akhmedov.

  • He had two sons with his wife, Tatiana Akhmedov.

  • The couple met while Tatiana was studying in Moscow.

  • The two married and moved to London in 1993.

  • Here, he amassed two helicopters, fine art and a $26 million home outside of London.

  • They eventually divorced, but the exact time of the divorce is unclear.

  • In 2016, a High Court judge ordered him to pay $646 million to his ex-wife.

  • But he refused.

  • He claimed that they had already been divorced in Russia, more than a decade earlier.

  • Yet the judge claimed the divorce paperwork was forged,

  • even claiming that Akhmedov had been hiding his assets in

  • So earlier this year, he ordered him to hand over this yacht to his ex-wife.

  • When it arrived in Dubai for maintenance, it was seized.

  • Earlier this year, the oligarch appeared onThe Putin list,” a list released by

  • the U.S. Treasury Department of people who became prominent under President Putin.

  • But here's where it gets even more interesting.

  • Tatiana has hired Burford Capital.

  • It's a firm that's helping to finance her side of the legal battle.

  • Burford is a litigation finance firm that backs costly lawsuits,

  • with the hopes of eventually getting a nice cut of the settlement.

  • It's part of a growing industry known as litigation finance,

  • and what the Wall Street Journal recently calledthe hot new law job.”

  • It's kind of like sports betting, but with lawsuits.

  • And in the meantime, Burford has given her a lump sum, which covers her living expenses.

  • In addition to lawyers, the two sides have both hired PR firms.

  • So, what started as a dispute between the billionaire and his wife, now has many other

  • stakeholders, including investors, spanning Britain and Russia to Dubai,

  • as this superyacht awaits its fate in Dubai's scorching sun.

It's described as Britain's most expensive divorce and it involves a Russian billionaire and his ex-wife.


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