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  • There's a hole...

  • This is so gross!

  • It looks like a spot!

  • Like you've just popped a spot!

  • Ughhhh, it's disgusting!


  • I'm currently on a 39 day streak

  • 00:01:15,985 --> 00:01:18,975 on Duolingo

  • I'm going to return these books to the library

  • This one is (the book from) a Netflix series called "You"

  • I started watching that

  • And then I thought I'd read the books...

  • And then this one is "All You Can Ever Know" by Nicole Chung

  • It's a memoir about a transracial adoptee's experience

  • And I borrowed these from the library because I don't buy books

  • Because once I read them once

  • I never read them again.

  • So we're going to return these to the library!

  • Got a birthday cake for myself

  • Because...if no one loves you

  • At least you love yourself!

  • KFC!

  • It's finger lickin' goooooooooooooooood!

  • 00:03:05,560 --> 00:03:07,180 I'm curious what's inside


  • I'm excited


  • Now I'm going to eat lol

  • I've kind of lost my voice...

  • Although it doesn't really sound like it right now...

  • But I've got a bit of a sore throat.

  • It's just made me realise that I really wish I knew sign language.

  • So my friend recommended me this

  • insta account (@projectsbsluk)

  • [Trying to sign the alphabet in British Sign Language]

  • Ah! (This is hard)

  • *signs in British Sign Language* Hope you have a good evening

  • *signs in British Sign Language* (Who can guess what I signed?)

There's a hole...


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