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  • We've all heard of the elevator pitch, that 60-second spiel you're supposed to whip out

  • when an employer or a potential investor asks you to tell them about yourself.

  • It's not easy.

  • So, we thought we'd come to one of the world's biggest startup events to get some elevator pitch tips.

  • Here we tracked down three entrepreneurs who have successfully started their own companies

  • and who have mastered the elevator pitch.

  • Hi I'm Michael Pryor. I'm the co-founder of Trello.

  • My name is Viola Llewellyn and I'm the co-founder and President of Ovamba Solutions Inc.

  • My name is Michael Bodekaer. I'm the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Labster.

  • The first thing I think about when I do the elevator pitch is to keep it really short and sweet.

  • We talk about how we are going to solve a problem, make a lot of money, and mitigate risk.

  • Identify the pain that you're solving for the person.

  • My problem as a pitcher and yours as a startup is the same.

  • Crystallize your idea in your mind and be absolutely sure that you know what you're talking about.

  • I reworked my pitch.

  • Practice, practice, practice.

  • I started over and used a simple example of something that made sense to them every day.

  • Use some form of analogy that allows the investors to

  • very easily and quickly understand what you're working on.

  • Paint the picture.

  • Explaining your product in terms that people use every day is going to make it much more approachable.

  • Be willing to pivot.

  • I often find that I adjust the pitch a little bit to each and every audience.

  • Put in all the energy, all the passion that you can into your speech.

  • The best pitch is a personal pitch.

  • What investors really care about is hearing and feeling

  • how passionate and excited you are about your idea.

  • My name is Viola Llewellyn. Here's my business card.

  • Hey everyone, it's Elizabeth. Thanks so much for watching.

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  • Bye for now!

We've all heard of the elevator pitch, that 60-second spiel you're supposed to whip out


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