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  • - [Narrator] Just across the border from war-torn Syria,

  • in a forgotten city is an unexpected sight:

  • the Hotel Palmyra.

  • (chiming music)

  • - This hotel is different than others, uh, because

  • time has washed away the walls,

  • time has left this impact.

  • It is, it is a journey into the past.

  • So many people has passed through this hotel.

  • (elegant music)

  • (simple piano music)

  • This hotel has been here since 1874.

  • And this is why we try to keep it as it is.

  • The city of Baalbek has changed, of course.

  • It's feeling the impact of the war

  • on one side of the borders,

  • but it's also feeling the effects of

  • economic depression that's affecting the whole country.

  • At one point, there were no visitors to speak of,

  • and that was very difficult.

  • (bright, lively music)

  • - [Narrator] The hotel used to be a haven for visitors

  • because of the ancient Roman ruins just outside its doors.

  • - [Rima] It is a constant reminder

  • of the importance of Baalbek.

  • And this is something that was not accidentally built here.

  • If I wanted to describe the view in front of me daily,

  • when I look out of the window, when I come to the hotel,

  • I'd be speechless.

  • And generally, it's hard for me to be speechless.

  • (upbeat music)

  • The smell of this hotel is of carpets,

  • old walls, and uh, rusty faucets,

  • but that makes me smile.

  • And this is, I think, essentially

  • what memories are all about.

  • The old personnel that has been here since the '50s

  • and some, from the '60s, have stayed with us

  • because, to them, it's home.

  • - [Narrator] And this is the feeling that keeps them going,

  • even with tourism dwindling in this region.

  • - [Rima] We have never closed the doors of the hotel.

  • No one has a right to touch Hotel Palmyra,

  • except for time.

  • (percussive chiming music)

  • (soothing chord)

- [Narrator] Just across the border from war-torn Syria,


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