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  • In a single minute your body produces 120 to 180 million red blood cells,

  • people ask Google 2.4 million questions,

  • and 25 million Coca-Cola products are consumed.

  • Many of those bottles will end up in a landfill,

  • where the World Bank estimates we produce 5 million pounds of garbage.

  • 108 human lives will be lost in this minute and an adult male will lose 96 million cells.

  • Fortunately, 96 million cells divide, replacing those lost.

  • Speaking of divisions, in the USA, 1.5 people will get divorced, while world-wide, 116 people will get married,

  • 83,300 people have sex, but only 258 babies will be born

  • and a fetus is developing neurons at a rate of 250,000 per minute,

  • so it's no wonder that a computer simulation takes 60 quadrillion bytes to simulate a minute.

  • An average of 1.38 micrometers of rain fall around the world, which is 4.7 billion bathtubs of water every minute

  • and with the storms comes approximately 6,000 bolts of cloud-to-ground lightning hitting the Earth.

  • A 150 pound person expends 1.1 calories of energy per minute while sleeping,

  • while the sun provides us with 83.33 terrawatts of energy.

  • The earth will 1800 kilometers of its 940 million around the sun, moving 1,034 times faster than a cheetah,

  • 70,000 hours of Netfilx are watched, 300 hours are uploaded to YouTube,

  • and you can watch this video and subscribe.

In a single minute your body produces 120 to 180 million red blood cells,


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What Happens In One Minute?

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