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  • The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement.

  • It does not recognize divisionary notions such as nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class.

  • Rather, we see the world as one organism with the human species as a singular family.

  • Simultaneously we acknowledge that we depend entirely on our environment,

  • not only in regard to the necessities of life such as food, air and water,

  • but also for influence and guidance in regard to life's processes.

  • We recognize and understand that aligning ourselves with natural processes is the most progressive

  • and productive disposition we can have.

  • The term "zeitgeist" is defined as: the intellectual, moral, cultural climate of an era.

  • The term "movement" simply implies: motion or change.

  • Therefore, The Zeitgeist Movement is thus an organization that urges change

  • in the dominant intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of the time.

  • Specifically to values and practices which would better serve the well-being of the whole of humanity,

  • regardless of race, religion, creed or any other form contrived social status.

  • The application of the scientific method for social concern.

  • One of the greatest discoveries of humankind

  • which has allowed for tremendous advancement in our abilities on this planet,

  • has been the understanding and application of science.

  • Through the humane application of science and technology

  • to social design and decision-making,

  • we have the means to transform our environment into something exceedingly more balanced,

  • organized, humane, productive and most importantly, sustainable.

  • As many are aware at this time, both our societal integrity and ecological integrity are in serious question.

  • The current economic system is falling apart at an accelerating rate

  • with the prospect of worldwide unemployment

  • and destabilization occuring possibly on the largest scale ever seen.

  • Simultaneously, we are courting the point of no return in regard to the destruction of the environment.

  • Given the current state of affairs,

  • the viewer should find that we not only need to move in another direction.

  • We have to.

The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement.


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Introduction to The Zeitgeist Movement

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