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  • Hello and welcome everyone. This is Minoo at anglo-link. Today, we are going to look

  • at 15 words that as a Romance language speaker, i.e. Catalan, French, Italian,

  • Portuguese, Romanian, or Spanish speaker, you may have been using incorrectly.

  • These are words that look very similar to a word in your language but have a

  • different meaning in English. So, let's now look at the 15 words I've chosen for

  • today's lesson.

  • Remember that the only way to avoid vocabulary mistakes is by checking them

  • in a dictionary that doesn't just give you the direct translation but also the

  • English definition and example sentences, so before we end this lesson, I'd like to

  • introduce you to our sponsor for this video:

  • Reji. Reji is a completely free app that can be very helpful to you in

  • learning vocabulary. Reji allows you to save and practise

  • the words you've picked up in class or while reading or watching television. It

  • can automatically look up translations, definitions, example sentences, and even

  • images. It also shows you the phonetic transcription and lets you hear the

  • correct pronunciation. Because Reji uses spaced repetition, it will help you

  • to easily learn all the words you have saved. So, let me demonstrate how Reji

  • works. As you can see, I have already created a deck called 'false friends' and

  • entered four words: actually, currently, eventually, and sensible. Now, I'm going to

  • add the word 'sensitive' to the deck. As I'm using the translation feature, Reji

  • is giving me the French equivalent. I can choose the translation I want displayed

  • and also one of the example sentences. And here we are: 'sensitive' has been added

  • to the deck. A nice feature is that you can edit the entries and replace the

  • information with your own translation or your own example sentence.

  • if I were using the definition feature, I would have the definition of each word

  • instead of its translation. So, as you can see, Reji is very easy to use and will

  • greatly facilitate your saving and learning new vocabulary. Well, that's all

  • for this vocabulary lesson. I hope you've enjoyed it. Remember to check out my online

  • self-study course at Thank you for watching, and see you again

  • very soon.

Hello and welcome everyone. This is Minoo at anglo-link. Today, we are going to look


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Common mistakes with English vocabulary: 15 false friends

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