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  • If you've never heard of a digital nomad, that's probably bound to change soon.

  • They're a growing group of people who can work in any time zone and from any location.

  • The trend is being driven by millennials around the globe.

  • I'm in Bali attempting to spend an entire day as a digital nomad.

  • I'm trading in my corporate office routine for a day at a tropical co-working space.

  • And, lucky for me, it's just down the street from the beach.

  • I arrive to an open-air space called, Dojo. It's filled with people from around the world, now living in Bali.

  • They work as entrepreneurs, developers, designers... you name it.

  • And it basically feels like a huge open-air tree house.

  • Digital Nomad.

  • It'll cost me about $15 for a 24-hour pass, which includes wifi and I can work anywhere in the space.

  • I pick a seat near a pool and order a smoothie and, well, avocado toast: A millennial staple perhaps?

  • Yes, they even have it in Bali now.

  • After a few hours, I'm ready for a change so I move elsewhere.

  • I meet a few expats. They invite me to go to lunch with them on the beach.

  • It's time for lunch.

  • So, what's for lunch?

  • Coconuts!

  • Cassie and Shay have been global digital nomads for four years now.

  • They're originally from the U.S. and Canada and have lived in Bali for the past year.

  • All the work you did from California, you can do right here?

  • Oh for sure. I feel like if anything, we're more productive here.

  • When I'm back home in the States, specifically in Orange County, I feel like I'm always in my car.

  • By the time I get home, it's 9pm and I'm so exhausted, I still feel like I haven't gotten enough accomplished.

  • Not only are they personally living embodiments of digital nomads,

  • but their entire business venture revolves around it.

  • They started The Bucketlist Bombshells: a company which helps millennial women

  • build an online business while traveling the world.

  • They do this by providing online courses which teach skills like website design and digital marketing.

  • And then there's Zack. He's a digital nomad from Michigan

  • and works as a freelance software engineer for a variety of clients.

  • He's been in Bali for a few months now and pays under $500 a month for his apartment and his motorbike,

  • which gets him everywhere he needs to on the island. He often goes surfing in the middle of his work day.

  • Okay, if this is their weekday life, I'm dying to know what do they do on the weekends?

  • Lots of sunsets, lots of weekend adventures.

  • Cassie and Shay break down their costs of living. They each pay $500 a month to live in a villa with a pool.

  • The cost of living is so inexpensive we have daily housekeeping.

  • It's time to eat.

  • Alright guys, I have to go. I have a massage at 1:30.

  • But, this was fun.

  • See ya!

  • Wait.

  • You're going for a massage? I thought you said you have a meeting at 1:30?

  • It's like the same thing. That's what you tell your clients.

  • Massage, meeting.

  • It was nice to meet you.

  • See ya, it was nice to meet you!

  • Okay, I know massages are a thing to do for tourists in Bali, but apparently living here is no different.

  • And for good reason.

  • Across from the office, you can get a one hour massage for just $7.

  • Cassie heads out, but the lunch continues for a while and by now I'm getting antsy.

  • I still want to try surfing but I have a conference call at 2:00.

  • I can't remember taking a lunch break this long, since my days of doing internships.

  • At last, we pay.

  • Lunch on the beach, including the fresh coconut costs me about $6.

  • Time for an afternoon surf.

  • What's your name again?

  • Zack.

  • What's yours?

  • Uptin.

  • Okay, I'm not nearly as good as Zack, but he has a lot more practice.

  • After a long day of working, it's nice to come and paddle around and get your blood flowing.

  • I love it.

  • It's time to go back to the office.

  • Back to work.

  • Back to work.

  • We make our way back to the space and I set up at another new spot.

  • The afternoon is filled with more work and even more coconuts.

  • At about 5pm, I'm interrupted by a sign from one of the staff members.

  • Every Friday night, the community of digital nomads here, head to a beach bar to kick back and relax.

  • Eventually, I pack up myself and head out to meet more people from the co-working community.

  • With the boom of tech companies like Airbnb and Uber making consumers

  • rethink the value of home and car ownership, I'd say, the growth of the digital nomad lifestyle makes sense.

  • But unfortunately I don't see it happening for me anytime soon.

  • So for now, I'll have to trade the coconuts for coffee and give up walking to the beach for waiting for the elevator.

If you've never heard of a digital nomad, that's probably bound to change soon.


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