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  • It may look like any other security camera but it was designed to detect and take down your drone.

  • Drones are becoming more widely available with some drones on the market costing less than $100.

  • But the rise in popularity is now prompting a demand for anti-drone systems.

  • So why would someone want to take down a drone?

  • Well, think about an intruder drone and the need to protect large-scale events, prisons,

  • palaces or the homes of public officials.

  • There's also sports, critical infrastructure like bridges and landmark buildings.

  • And for some, there's the need to protect themselves against, say the drones of the paparazzi.

  • Imagine you're sitting by the pool relaxing and suddenly your privacy is invaded, by a drone.

  • You can try to escape the scene. You could try to shoot the drone down.

  • Or you could even train an eagle to take down the drone.

  • Yes, that's actually a thing.

  • But this system might be more practical.

  • The SkyDroner works by detecting an unwanted drone and taking control of it

  • and landing it safely in its own coordinates.

  • Now, imagine I'm protecting this compound from intruder drones.

  • I'm working with the security guard monitoring potential intruders.

  • Then, let's say there's Intruder Uptin.

  • This is an aerial map of what we're seeing. It looks like a drone has been detected.

  • The drone model is a Phantom 3.

  • It's moving quite fast. So it's 75, 74, it's moving very fast right toward us.

  • It's getting closer.

  • The blue line is the drone right now. We're the yellow line, and it's coming straight for us.

  • This is the camera, in theory we'll be able to see it in any second.

  • Oh there it is!

  • I think we should distract. Can you distract the drone?

  • Distract.

  • So, the second we hit distract, it turned purple here.

  • We essentially took control of the drone and we're landing it in this yellow box in the designated area.

  • So, now we essentially have control over the drone.

  • You can see it here, coming down as we speak.

  • We took over the drone at about 60 meters away, and now we're landing it under our control.

  • There it goes.

  • SkyDroner is hardly the first company to do this.

  • In fact, companies are racing to the space as governments and event organizers,

  • scramble to protect their airspace.

  • And it's getting crowded.

  • An estimated seven million drones will be sold per year in the U.S. by 2020.

  • And drone sales have more than doubled since last year.

  • But it's a tricky landscape.

  • For one, these devices aren't likely to recognize every single kind of drone.

  • Only models that have been registered already.

  • And although drone regulation is still largely unexplored in most countries,

  • it's technically illegal to hack another device.

  • Sure, you could argue that hacking in that case is just a form of self-defense,

  • but in a largely unregulated space well, it could get quite messy.

It may look like any other security camera but it was designed to detect and take down your drone.


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このカメラがドローンを検知してハッキングし、撃墜する|CNBCレポート (This camera detects, hacks and takes down drones | CNBC Reports)

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