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  • Hi, I'm Leesa Rawlings. I head up Talent Engagement across Asia Pacific for Diageo.

  • Come for a sneak peek today behind our cool office of Diageo in Singapore.

  • You can see this is not an ordinary reception.

  • It actually looks more like a boutique hotel reception and we have planned it that way

  • because we want to make sure that people that come into the space have some great experiences.

  • Some of the cool things in this office are how we live our purpose every day

  • and you can see here, we've got, 'Celebrate life everyday everywhere,'

  • and I think that's a great reminder for all the people coming into our office.

  • So our whole space here was actually designed along Diageo's global design principles

  • which are really about how to be inclusive, how to bring people into the workspace,

  • and also how to make sure that people work in a collaborative fashion.

  • So, in this space, we actually have hotdesking in the purest sense of the words.

  • We have no desktops, we have no screens, we have very little cords.

  • Everything is hidden to create a clean and uncluttered view

  • and we can move to any workspace that we want to,

  • depending on what the work is that we need to do.

  • One of the jewels in the Diageo Singapore office here

  • is what we call the Johnnie Walker house.

  • So this Johnnie Walker House is very exclusive because it's actually invite-only

  • and it is the only Johnnie Walker house that we have inside an office in the world.

  • Adam, what makes this so special?

  • Well, this is the home to some of the most precious and rarest whiskeys in Diageo's portfolio.

  • We actually joke and call this the million dollar room because when you do the maths

  • of all of the bottles in this space, it gets pretty close to that figure.

  • Let's now have a look at our living room space.

  • This is in the center of our office and it's one that actually a lot of our people

  • come to meet, to talk, and to flesh out some new ideas.

  • You can see from the space that it's actually very, very comfy.

  • There's furniture in here that's bespoke.

  • It's very much like a Singapore office and also the colors and the hues make you feel

  • nice and relaxed and want to chill out in this space.

  • And I noticed here that we have the Global Innovations team.

  • So let's see what these guys are up to.

  • So Paige, what's the Global Innovation team doing here today?

  • So we're just having a quick brainstorming session here.

  • We actually are sitting over in the bar today.

  • But we decided to come over, have a little chat and think through some concepts

  • we're working on and then we'll probably go grab some lunch afterwards.

  • This is our collaboration space and lots of our teams love to come here

  • and use the space to brainstorm ideas and think about some

  • innovative ways that they could actually transform our company.

  • So, we have our supply team here at the moment.

  • Guys, what are you working on?

  • So today we're working on the gifting pack of a Johnnie Walker 18 for a bricks-and-mortar.

  • Welcome to our Diageo bar.

  • This is the heart of the office and where we actually celebrate.

  • We have internal and external events, and it becomes a place at night where we can bring

  • our friends and family every Thursday and Friday night

  • to celebrate the wonderful products we have,

  • and of course, the amazing view.

  • So in the Diageo office, we have lots of different spaces where you can go to,

  • from the bar, to the living room, to the study.

  • But when I really have to get down and do some work, I need a quiet area where I can...

  • Shhhh...

  • Okay, I'll catch you later, bye!

Hi, I'm Leesa Rawlings. I head up Talent Engagement across Asia Pacific for Diageo.


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