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  • Workplace romance can be a tricky topic.

    社内恋愛って 難しいですよね

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  • [The Way We Work]

    シリーズ 働き方

  • How do we manage the boundaries

    プライベートと仕事を どうやって分ければいいのか?

  • between our personal and professional lives?

    どのようにして 男女の不均衡と 力関係を解決できるのか?

  • How do we deal with gender imbalances and power dynamics in the workplace?

    職場恋愛には多くの グレーゾーンがあります

  • There's a lot of gray area in workplace romance.


  • I'd like to take a few minutes

    皆さんからよく聞かれる質問に お答えします

  • and answer some of your frequently asked questions.

    質問1 同僚とデートすべきか?

  • So, question one: Should I date my coworker?

    うーん 場合によります

  • Uh ... it depends.

    同僚とデートしたいのは 束の間の楽しみのため?

  • Do you want to date your coworker for a bit of fun?


  • Do you want to date your coworker to hook up?

    それならTinderを 利用すべきでしょう

  • Because then you're really better off on Tinder.


  • If you want to date your coworker

    相手に本当に 恋しているからだったり

  • because you really, sincerely think you're falling in love with them


  • or there's a real potential for a long-term, committed relationship,


  • maybe you should date your coworker.

    研究によると 同僚があなたの好意に気づいて

  • Studies show that your coworkers are generally positive about it

    お互い 純粋に 気にかけていると感じたら

  • if they perceive that you're falling in love

    相手は大抵 積極的になります

  • and genuinely care about each other.


  • It's when your coworkers sense that something else is in play --


  • that can be disruptive.


  • Question two:


  • Should I date my boss?

    ほぼ全ての場合 ノーです 上司とデートすべきではありません

  • In almost all cases, no, you should not date your boss,


  • because now, you've got a power dynamic.

    上司と部下が 恋愛関係にある場合

  • When there's a relationship between a boss and a subordinate,


  • it generates a lot of negative feelings,

    否定的な感情は 大抵 部下の方に向けられます

  • and the negative feelings tend to fall on the person


  • who's lower on the totem pole.

    内部情報が 共有されていると思われて

  • People usually assume some kind of favoritism,


  • some kind of inside knowledge,


  • and there can be resentment stirred up by that.

    上司とのデートは キャリアに 負の影響を与えかねません

  • There was a study published last year

    研究者達はオンラインで 第三者評価を行い

  • that suggested dating a superior can even have a negative impact on your career.

    法律事務所で 働いているという想定で

  • The researchers asked third-party evaluators online

    どちらの社員を 特別訓練プログラムに推薦するか

  • to imagine that they worked at a law firm.

    どちらをパートナーとして 昇進させたいかを尋ねました

  • They asked them to make recommendations on which employee should get picked


  • for a special training program

    その社員が 上司と付き合っていたり

  • and which should get promoted to partner.

    恋愛関係にあると 書かれていたりした場合

  • They looked at credentials for imaginary employees,

    評価者達は 訓練への推薦や昇進に その人物を選びにくかったのです

  • and when it was stated that an employee had been dating


  • or was in a relationship with a superior,

    同じ経歴だったにも かかわらずです

  • the evaluators were less likely to pick that person for the training program

    評価者達は彼らの実績も 瞬時にはね退けました

  • or the promotion,


  • even if they had the exact same credentials


  • as someone who wasn't dating their boss.


  • The evaluators were also quick to dismiss their accomplishments.

    自分はいわゆる上司ではないと 思っているかもしれません

  • Question three:

    でも 実際には上司であり そこには力関係があります

  • Can I date someone who reports to me?


  • Still a big no.

    そこに心からの正直な 人としての関係があると感じ

  • You may not feel like you're really the boss, right?

    長続きする 意味のあるものなのであれば

  • But you are, and there's a power dynamic there

    どちらかが異動する必要が あるかもしれませんが

  • that's simply not there for other couples.

    必ずしも部下が異動する必要は ないでしょう

  • If you really believe there is a sincere, honestly felt, personal connection


  • that would be lasting and meaningful,


  • one of you may need to move,


  • and it shouldn't always be the person who's lower in the company pecking order.


  • Question four:

    「あの2人付き合ってる? 付き合ってない?」

  • I've just started seeing a coworker.


  • How do we handle things?

    大ごとにする必要はありませんが 秘密は辛辣な事態になりがちです

  • I get this question a lot.

    社内恋愛のカップルは連合体だとか ひとまとまりに見られがちです

  • "Are they dating? Are they not dating?"

    同じ人間ではないことを 同僚たちに明らかにしましょう

  • Don't keep it a secret.

    愛し合っていても 意見が違うこともありますよね

  • You don't have to make a big deal of it, but secrecy tends to be corrosive.


  • People tend to see workplace couples as a coalition or a unit,

    なぜ同僚は 惹かれ合いやすいのか?

  • so try to make it clear to your coworkers that you're not the same person;

    わかりやすい答えとしては 一緒に過ごす時間が長いほど

  • you love each other, but you are going to disagree.


  • Question five:

    しかし それだけではありません

  • Why are coworkers often attracted to each other?


  • Well, the obvious answer is people tend to be attracted to each other

    親密な協力が必要な 課題がある時です

  • the more time they spend together.

    あなたが 締め切りの迫った 大きなグループプロジェクトを抱え

  • But there's another ingredient that has to be added:

    深夜までアイデアを ひねり出していると想像してください

  • attraction tends to happen

    顔を上げると 向かいの同僚が

  • when there's work that demands close collaboration.

    最高のアイデアを 出してくれるとします

  • So imagine you have a big group project with a tight deadline

    あなたが何か感じたとしても 自然なことです

  • and you're working late nights and brainstorming ideas.


  • You look up, and across the table,


  • one of your colleagues throws out a really great idea.

    職場の同僚が互いに惹かれ合う 2つめの理由は

  • You may feel something, and that's natural.

    似ているところが しばしばあるからでしょう

  • We call this task interdependence.


  • It's a ripe ground for attraction.

    「類は友を呼ぶ」 「正反対の者同士は引き合う」

  • The second reason why people at work are attracted to each other

    ええと 心理学の研究によると

  • is they may often be similar to each other.


  • There's two old adages:


  • "Birds of a feather flock together." And "Opposites attract."


  • Well, the psychological research suggests ...


  • birds of a feather flock together,

    困っています どうしたらいいですか?

  • and we like people who are like us.

    研究者達によると 仕事場でいちゃつくことは

  • Question six:

    良いことであり 創造力を高めるとも言われます

  • My coworkers are flirting.

    けれど 私の研究によると それを目撃したり

  • I'm annoyed. What do I do?

    受けたりする側にとっては そうではありません

  • Some researchers argue that for people flirting at work,


  • flirting is good and it boosts creativity.

    職場でそんな場面を目撃すると 何がルールか分からなくなり

  • But my own research suggests things are different

    何が起こっているのか よく分からず

  • for people who are watching or who are subjected to the flirting.

    見てはいけないものを 見た気分になります

  • It can be awkward, right?

    職場でそんな場面に 高い頻度で遭遇する人は

  • Witnessing flirtation in the workplace creates a sense of not knowing the rules,

    仕事の満足度も 会社からの評価も

  • not knowing what's going on,

    低いと感じていると 報告しています

  • or maybe seeing something that you shouldn't be seeing.

    彼らは 職場環境に マイナス評価を付ける傾向が強く

  • People who frequently witness flirting at work --


  • they actually report feeling less satisfied in their jobs,

    女性では その相関性が より強く見られます

  • and they feel less valued by their company.


  • They're more likely to give a negative appraisal of the work environment,

    いちゃつきが気にならないと 考えている場合でも そうです

  • and they may even consider leaving.

    楽しんでいると 考える場合でさえ そうです

  • For women, this association can be even stronger.

    結局 浮わついた環境は 非常に毒になり得ます

  • This appears to be the case


  • even when people report not being bothered by the flirting.


  • It's true even when they say they enjoy it.

    セクシャルハラスメントについては 確実に必要ですし

  • So, a flirtatious environment really could be toxic.

    多くの人事部は そう認識しているでしょう

  • Question seven:

    けれど これまで話してきた類の 合意の上での行動は少し異なります

  • Do I need a policy on workplace relationships?

    多くの人事部の社員は 魔法の杖をひと振りして

  • You certainly need a policy on a sexual harassment,

    「職場で恋するべからず」と 言いたいでしょうが

  • and I think most HR departments recognize that.


  • But for the kind of consensual behavior we've been talking about,

    感情的な結びつきと セクシュアリティがあるのが人間です

  • it's a little different.

    皆さんには 考えを 少し変えてほしいです

  • As much as people in HR would love to wave a magic wand

    人事部の方は もっと寛容に考えてください

  • and say, "Thou shall not fall in love at work,"

    必ずしも職場恋愛を消し止めることが 職務ではありません

  • it's just not realistic.


  • Emotional connection and sexuality is who we are.

    そうではなく どうやって 社員が見た目や性別

  • I kind of want you to flip the script a little bit.

    個人的な付き合いでなく 各々の貢献度で尊重されるような

  • I encourage HR to really think more broadly

    職場の環境や風土を 醸成できるかを考えてください

  • about their role in not necessarily stamping out office romance,


  • because I don't think that's realistic,

    どうやって 人々が評価され 尊重されるようにしますか?

  • but how do I help create a workplace climate and culture

  • where people feel respected for their individual contributions,

  • not for their appearance or their gender,

  • or their personal relationships?

  • So the larger question is,

  • how do you make sure people are valued and respected?

Workplace romance can be a tricky topic.

社内恋愛って 難しいですよね


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