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  • (bright violin music)

  • - [Narrator] Once a hub of French aristocratic parties,

  • this castle in the countryside lies abandoned

  • after falling victim to a house fire.

  • A few hours outside Paris are the remains

  • of the chateau de La Mothe-Chandeniers.

  • The castle was built in the 14th century

  • and was owned by French nobles.

  • It was conquered twice by the British in the Middle Ages

  • and was devastated during the French Revolution.

  • Around 60 years later, after a wealthy relative

  • of Napoleon III took control, he restored the castle

  • to its former glory.

  • However, in 1932, just after central heating was installed,

  • a violent fire broke out.

  • Since the fire, the castle has been slowly taken over

  • by nature.

  • Trees have grown through the interior,

  • and vines crawl along the once sturdy castle walls.

  • Though its fate is still uncertain,

  • today there are efforts to save the castle

  • with a group raising money to restore the ruins.

(bright violin music)


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フランスの忘れられた城 (France's Forgotten Castle)

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