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  • This sushi restaurant might just be the future of the dining

  • experience delivering custom orders to your table and replacing

  • human personnel for automation.

  • I'm in Hong Kong visiting this chain,

  • Genki Sushi.

  • It first started in Japan and is rapidly expanding

  • across Asia.

  • I'm determined to see if I can go an entire

  • meal without any human interaction at all.

  • And let's just say for this extrovert, it

  • might just be a challenge.

  • There's a little wait, so, I input my information in

  • this kiosk and take a number.

  • My number is soon called and I'm escorted to my seat.

  • Okay, already interacting with a human, but to be fair,

  • he didn't say a word to me and I didn't say

  • anything either.

  • I sit down and quickly figure out how to order

  • sushi on the tablet.

  • Every seat or table has its own.

  • All items on the menu are delivered by an

  • automated train. And I mean everything.

  • The only drinks available are hot water, with the

  • option to turn it into green tea.

  • I have my very own dispenser at my seat.

  • The sushi menu includes all types of items

  • even hand rolls and noodle dishes.

  • And whether you order just one piece or a few

  • rolls, the trains, which are operating on 3 different

  • tracks, can handle it all.

  • When I pick up my food, I press a button

  • so the train knows to head back to the station

  • Err -- the kitchen.

  • The food in the back is presumably made by

  • humans, though, it's hard to tell.

  • I look around the restaurant.

  • There's not exactly a lack of staff, but a

  • lack of things to do for the staff.

  • From the moment I sit down to when I

  • get up, there wasn't really anything that needed

  • to be done by humans.

  • The staff helps with any issues

  • and clears the numerous amounts

  • of plates in between customers.

  • And you know that feeling at a restaurant

  • when you're hungry, you think you see

  • your entre coming, but it actually just

  • goes to another table?

  • Well that problem still exists here, except it

  • comes in the form of a train, instead of

  • a person.

  • I order cheesecake from the tablet, again,

  • that arrives by train.

  • It's time to pay.

  • There's no payment option on the tablet.

  • I proceed to what appears to be a standard cash

  • register to finalize the bill.

  • Sure enough, it's operated by a human where the

  • transaction is just like any other.

  • It's my first time speaking to anyone this meal.

  • So, my mission to have lunch without any human

  • interaction, ultimately comes up short for now, but, maybe

  • that's actually a good thing.

This sushi restaurant might just be the future of the dining


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完全自動化された寿司屋での「人と人との交流ゼロ」の試み|CNBCレポート (An attempt at 'zero human interaction' in a fully-automated sushi restaurant | CNBC Reports)

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