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  • I've already seen two self-driving cars. I wonder if it'll stop.

  • No.

  • I'm in Beijing getting a tour of one of China's largest tech companies, Baidu.

  • I'm definitely holding up the line right now.

  • Here employees can access secured areas and pay for food with their face.

  • A cute teddy bear is telling me I'm not registered.

  • I'm even getting to test out this self-driving car

  • that's being developed right here on campus.

  • No hands.

  • Baidu is China's largest search engine. Some call it the 'Google of China.'

  • This campus is home to about 20,000 employees. My tour starts here in the main lobby.

  • So this is the 'what's trending' of China right now on Baidu.

  • Employees here have the option of registering their face to get access throughout campus.

  • There also appears to be a face filter which will beautify your face.

  • I got some help, and I got in.

  • One of the first things I noticed is the casual dress code.

  • I'm not just talking about jeans and t-shirts, but even shorts and athletic wear.

  • A lot of employees are going to lunch it seems.

  • At lunch, I noticed some employees are paying with their face. And it's seamless.

  • Employees can also use their face at vending machines around campus too.

  • Lunch isn't exactly free here, but employees get credit

  • every month that they can spend on food.

  • My lunch costs just around $3.

  • Similar to tech companies in Silicon Valley, this campus has nearly every amenity imaginable.

  • This is the recreation center which has a gym and fitness studios,

  • which host classes like yoga and kickboxing.

  • There's also various clubs. This dance group is rehearsing for

  • Baidu's annual party where they'll perform in front of thousands of employees.

  • So they're getting ready to rehearse for the big party.

  • Inside this building is the company store.

  • Every employee will receive this little bear on their work anniversary.

  • So after you've been here for three years, you'll receive this little guy.

  • All the conference rooms on campus are named after Chinese poems.

  • Right in the middle of Baidu's headquarters you'll find

  • this little park where they can test autonomous vehicles.

  • Vehicles like this one, which could be delivering packages one day.

  • It's also putting its self-driving bus into production,

  • where Baidu will ship ten of them to Japan in early 2019.

  • I wasn't allowed to film the bus that I saw being tested.

  • And then there's its self-driving cars.

  • About to get in my first ever self-driving car, although the first thing I see is there is a driver.

  • That's because it's still, well, being tested.

  • So at all times, a human is at the wheel just in case.

  • Baidu was recently given the green light to test them in Beijing's city streets.

  • I'm ending my tour in one of these buildings where

  • I find an unconventional way to leave for the day.

  • That was actually a really fast slide.

I've already seen two self-driving cars. I wonder if it'll stop.


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