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  • These are our whites

  • Why don't you try the Chardonnay first?

  • It's our best selling wine

  • Lovely

  • Good fruit. Perhaps a little immature

  • Yes, it's made from some of our youngest vines

  • It's our most popular white at the moment

  • Try this Riesling

  • Very pale isn't it?

  • A lot of our customers are finding it very attractive

  • It's a bit too dry for our market

  • I think we'll leave that one.But I like the Chardonnay

  • I think we can sell that

  • Excellent

  • Let's try the reds

  • Our reds are as good as any you'll find around here

  • What have we got here?

  • This is our cabernet sauvignon

  • It's very popular

  • A bit too much fruit at this stage

  • I understand it wasn't a good year for cabernet in this district

  • You know your wines, Miss Lee

  • I try to be prepared.

  • What's your best red?

  • This one

  • Our shiraz, and we think it's world class

  • It's a lovely colour, deepest red

  • What vintage is this?

  • It's three years old now

  • It'll drink well for years yet, but you can drink it right now too

  • And what's the price?

  • Well, it's our most expensive wine at fifty dollars retail

  • I'll think about it

  • It's certainly got potential, but there are a lot of wines around in this class these days

  • You've got a lot of competition Tim!

  • That's for sure

  • But we can work out a special price for you, if you're interested

  • I'm definitely interested

  • This is very good

  • Sarah knows our requirements and pricing position

  • I'm sure you can work out something with her

  • I'm sure we can

These are our whites


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リビングイングリッシュ-最も高価なワイン (Living English - The most expensive wine)

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