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  • Every Costco shopper has been there.

  • You've just spent hours loading up your cart with everything on your shopping list, and

  • more than a few things you didn't even know you needed until you saw them.

  • You waited in line, you made it through the checkout, and you're wondering how on earth

  • all of this is going to get in your car.

  • First, though, you have to go through the exit receipt check.

  • It's a weird thing, right?

  • It's like driving along and being followed by a police car.

  • Even if you haven't done anything wrong, it makes it feel like you have.

  • They're watching you, they're checking to make sure you paid for everything, and they

  • want to protect themselves against sticky-fingered customers.

  • Like you.

  • Right?

  • Actually, like that cop who just happened to turn in behind you, there's nothing really

  • sinister about it.

  • A lot of what they're doing is looking out for your best interests.

  • One Costco-centric Reddit thread had employees sharing what they were looking for, and part

  • of it is confirmation that the number of items in the cart is actually the number that's

  • on the receipt.

  • One employee shared some eye-opening figures, and claimed their store kept track of how

  • much merchandise was stopped at the door because it wasn't paid for.

  • It was in the tens of thousands of dollars, but the official line is pretty different.

  • MSN did a little digging into just what else those exit greeters are trained to look for,

  • and found they're actually checking your receipt to make sure your transaction went smoothly.

  • Ever get home, check your own receipt, and realize you've been overcharged or one of

  • your items was accidentally rung up multiple times?

  • They're looking for that so they can fix it before you get out the door.

  • Still doubtful?

  • As one employee explained on Reddit:

  • "Trust me, we're not loss prevention, we have loss prevention in the store and that's not

  • us."

  • One former employee wanted to clear the air on Reddit, and said a big part of their job

  • is also making sure customers don't forget some of the things they pay for, but have

  • to pick up separately before they leave.

  • It's easy to forget things like gift cards, or merchandise that has to be retrieved from

  • inside cases or behind counters, after all.

  • They're also looking to make sure any store promotions were properly applied, because

  • hey, technology isn't perfect, right?

  • Neither are people, and that's why Kevin Heuer, a Costco general manager, told the San Francisco

  • Chronicle they were also looking to make sure cashiers didn't miss anything in the bottom

  • of customers' baskets.

  • Costco isn't the only store to employ exit greeters, most of the warehouse-style stores

  • do.

  • When MSN reached out to Sam's Club corporate, they said they purposely hire friendly, chatty

  • exit greeters as a way of making sure app-related transactions went smoothly, to make sure they

  • found everything, address complaints, and share information about upcoming promotions.

  • And Costco representatives say the same thing, with one employee saying they'd caught hundreds

  • of dollars in overcharges, and had immediately helped the customers get their refunds.

  • So is the policy legal, or is it a violation of your rights?

  • In Costco's case, they're perfectly within their rights because it's written into the

  • membership agreement you voluntarily signed.

  • It's the same for other warehouse-type stores that have similar memberships, like Sam's

  • Club and BJ's.

  • In other words, we don't recommend running out without showing your receipt.

  • But that brings up an important question: What if you do refuse?

  • In 2013, Timothy Walls refused to show his receipt for his $102.66 purchase and the employee

  • he tried to bypass grabbed his cart and wouldn't let him leave.

  • Walls shoved the employee, and that's when another employee stepped in with some martial

  • arts, and broke Walls' leg in several places.

  • Walls sued for $610,000, but lost when the judge ruled he had pushed an employee first.

  • Still, demanding to see your receipt is not OK in most stores.

  • Consumer advocate Edgar Dworsky says that if you're in a conventional retail store where

  • you didn't sign anything agreeing to allow employees to inspect your receipt or your

  • cart when you're leaving, you don't have to hand it over.

  • That return trip to get your refund for a double-charge?

  • That's on you.

Every Costco shopper has been there.


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