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  • We are in Davos, Switzerland.

  • We're here for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum,

  • and some of the richest people in the world

  • come here for the conference every year.

  • So, as you can imagine, that means prices go up

  • and the average person like me has to find a workaround to get through the day.

  • I'm going to break down our costs for daily essentials at Davos:

  • food, transportation and accommodation.

  • Welcome to our apartment, at least for this week.

  • Normally for an event like this, you'd think you would stay in a hotel.

  • But Davos isn't that big of a town,

  • so the hotels book up really fast, and they get really expensive.

  • So it actually presents a great business opportunity

  • for people who live here and have an apartment.

  • They can rent it out to people like us at a pretty good price.

  • And when I say good, I'm talking good for the owners.

  • A two-bedroom apartment in Davos can still cost you as much as a 5-star hotel.

  • Lodging that's more affordable can also be a little further away.

  • So our apartment is about a 25, 30-minute walk from the main event.

  • I'm thinking I might check to see if we can get an Uber.

  • Let's see what the options are. Okay.

  • Yeah, transportation is not cheap around here.

  • It's quoting me 26 Swiss francs, so that's about 30 bucks for a 7-minute drive.

  • So I think I'm going to walk. It's a nice day. Take in the fresh air.

  • Honestly I probably should not be walking and texting.

  • It's very slippery, and we have a snowblower headed our way.

  • Food can be a major cost at Davos.

  • So one way we've been keeping costs down is to load up on snacks at the grocery store.

  • Lots of Swiss cheese here.

  • Not bad!

  • Sometimes a piece of cheese doesn't quite cut it.

  • So we're forking out for a sit-down meal once a day.

  • Something to eat!

  • Okay, so it looks like they have burgers for around 20 francs.

  • Honestly, that's pretty reasonable by Davos standards.

  • We've seen some for almost three times that price.

  • Thank you! Beautiful.

  • So it wouldn't be the Davos economy if we didn't talk about the nightlife scene here,

  • which is why actually a lot of people end up coming to the conference.

  • Bartenders come from other countries just to come here because they can make

  • major tips this week on their drinks and the events.

  • Hey everyone, it's Elizabeth. Thanks so much for watching our video.

  • You can always check out more of our videos over here.

  • We have plenty of Davos coverage.

  • But leave us any other story ideas,

  • and while you're at it, subscribe to our channel.

  • See you later!

We are in Davos, Switzerland.


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