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  • - I knew the morning of the 26th

  • that there was something wrong.

  • You could feel it.

  • (dramatic music) (fire crackling)

  • It was just a sea of fire coming over the hill

  • burning into the city.

  • From the hospital you could see almost

  • the whole entire thing.

  • - My name is Ed Zawada.

  • I am a staff physician at Mercy Medical Center.

  • I provide care for kidney patients

  • and ICU patients.

  • - My name's Kenneth Luke.

  • I am the Disaster Infectious Diseases

  • and Base Station Coordinator.

  • The fire took on a life of its own.

  • - We kept hearing that this fire was continuing to spread.

  • This is a city of around 90,000 people.

  • Thirty thousand people were evacuated.

  • - [Kenneth] The red area on this map

  • is the complete burn from the fire

  • with the winds being so high and so fast

  • it actually blew embers

  • over to the other side of the river,

  • which was where a majority of the homes were burned.

  • - [Nancy] I finally planted those roses

  • in the front of the house

  • and after the fire, they were a puddle

  • of melted plastic.

  • That was what was left of our house.

  • - [Ed] I knew there'd be damage

  • but total destruction?

  • - [Nancy] People were surprised that Ed went back

  • to work the next day.

  • - You can't sit around and mope.

  • All that's left now is the present and the future

  • and that's not a bad thing.

  • - [Kenneth] Human kindness was displayed

  • throughout this whole entire event.

  • Many, many staff lost their homes

  • or evacuated and just came to work

  • because they knew that the patients

  • still needed to be taken care of.

  • They knew that the communities still needed us.

  • - From administration to staff,

  • they were gonna find a way to help and they did.

  • - [Kenneth] We set up an employee assistance program;

  • we had a lot a of counselors come in

  • and set up regular counseling.

  • They set up funds to help reimburse employees

  • to get them back on their feet.

  • - [Ed] They made supplies available,

  • made some support available,

  • made some money available.

  • - [Kenneth] Anybody who was evacuated,

  • anybody who lost their home,

  • they helped them out.

  • - Why are we here if it's not to help each other?

  • Human kindness, I think is the responsibility

  • of every person on this planet.

- I knew the morning of the 26th


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Great Big Story : After Wildfire, a Community Rebuilds With Humankindness

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