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  • The year is 329 BC - Italy.

  • Warring city-states vie for power and superiority over their neighbours.

  • The Senate and People of Rome control the Latin states,

  • but enemies surround them.

  • The Republic stands at a crossroads in history.

  • "Romans, Senators, friends:

  • Latium is firmly under the rule of the Senate

  • and people of Rome;

  • the Latin people are now one."

  • *applause*

  • "Not since noble Brutus drove out the last king

  • have we known such a glorious day,

  • but now, my friends, in this hour of glory,

  • we must be on our guard:

  • To the south, treacherous Greeks and Samnites

  • block our trade.

  • Tarquinii groans beneath the tyrants' heal.

  • That tyrant threatens Rome - will we abandon Tarquinii?

  • And now, Barbarians raid from the north,

  • burning and pillaging Roman lands.

  • Shall we let danger fester and grow"...

  • *cheering*

  • "or will we act as Romans - with courage and dignity?

  • Remember: we are the sons of Mars!"

  • *cheering*

  • "As Senate leader, I call upon Tribunes Gaius Julius

  • and Decius Brutus to smash the Gauls

  • and relieve Tarquinii.

  • All those in favour, say "Aye"!"

  • *Aye!*

The year is 329 BC - Italy.


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