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  • Subaru wants us to believe that they've been able to put the performance

  • of a WRX into what's essentially a practical family wagon well we're about

  • to see if they did it or not we're up here on the beautiful central coast of

  • New South Wales to visit Central Coast Subaru today we're picking up the

  • 2018 Subaru levorg STI two liter and we're going to take it

  • for a drive through the country so I didn't give you our review

  • entering into the cabin you can see that it's typical Subaru with all the added

  • comforts of the STI range the leather seats hug you frame nicely and

  • everything is positioned thoughtfully and ergonomically and there's plenty of

  • room in the backseat for friends family and kids

  • first thing I know as we take up up the hill it's quite steep and there is so

  • much power really gets up a boogies once that turbo spools up there is a

  • slight turbo lag and the only other thing that feels unusual is the CVT now

  • I'm not really accustomed to CVT's

  • but they feel a little bit like an elastic band winding up

  • before they're loose and they take off

  • from my understanding the Levorg that does not come in a manual gearbox it

  • only comes this CVT automatic gearbox which obviously makes life a lot easier

  • when you're driving around especially in urban areas and being targeted at these

  • family market it's probably just fine I'm a manual gear box lover and before I

  • could put a manual gearbox into this car I would love to have it sitting in my garage

  • with my other cars so let's talk about power we're in the

  • 2-liter STI model so we've got a 197 kilowatts from memory

  • 350 Nm of torque it's running through a symmetrical

  • all-wheel-drive system so probably one of the most intelligent all-wheel drive

  • systems of all the cars available these days and and particularly if you're

  • running it snow weather and icy weather this is the car that you need

  • well this is the style of car you need being a wagon there's so much space in the

  • back obviously you put a set of racks on here and a capsule and you can bring a

  • whole family and all this ski gear to the snow that's coming in a snow season

  • right now now being the 2 liter engine the Nm of torque the torque

  • comes on a little bit higher revs than the 1.6 liter it comes on at around

  • about two and a half thousand friends instead of 1800 revs just enough to be

  • noticeable but certainly the turbo lag is not something that you need to worry

  • about at all there's plenty of hope the moment they put your foot down

  • it's got a nice little turbo whistle and in fact let's switch out of well let's

  • switch the CVT into the automatic manual mode and now we can use the paddle

  • shifters to change gears all right now they're on let's see how responsive it

  • is using paddle shifters

  • much more responsive using the paddle shifters there's no doubt about it however you

  • can still feel that an elastic band slingshots style of gearbox the CVT is

  • yes the paddle shifters make it better no they don't make it like

  • this DSG or a manual gearbox but still a beautiful car nonetheless

  • one thing about the Levorg that I really love the amount of camera it's got every

  • Every car has reverse cameras these days well if they don't buy shoes but this car has

  • got the camera out of the passenger side mirror so when you're reversing into a parking

  • spot you can actually see where the gutter and where your wheels are so you dont

  • scratch your rims looking at the camera right now that's

  • coming out from an underneath the bonnet so you're looking at the road level from

  • underneath the bonnet looking ahead I don't know the exact reasoning for

  • that I can only assume that if you're parking forward towards a gutter then you can

  • actually see where to stop but it is or it can be activated while you're driving

  • as well and I can see that right now very cool

  • I think Subarus really nailed it with this car this is the latest and greatest

  • of course and and it is the top of the range for the WRX style model but

  • everything so comfortable you could sit in here for hours and days and it's

  • tour in it really comfortably you can take it to the track and have an

  • absolute rip-roaring time around the track and you can drive it every day

  • with these and comfort with it out without the stress I've had some

  • performance cars here so certainly this is the worst part of the day

  • I have to take this car back to Central Coast Subaru now I love this car and it gives

  • you literally gives you the best gives you space it gives you sexiness it gives

  • you performance and it's just a very very practical but fast car I'd like to

  • take the opportunity to thank Central Coast Subaru for looking after me today

  • even minutes the LevorgSTI and letting me take it for the day and give it a really

  • nice solid review I don't want to give it back

  • in fact Subaru if you don't see me in the next hour

  • so yep I can quite confidently say this is a WRX in a wagon if you're in the

  • market for a sports wagon so you can happily take on the tracks that you can

  • happily be a little bit of a hoon there reliving your childhood but you can

  • easily put the kids in the back and all of the shopping go to Subaru check this

  • out take a Levorg for a drive and in particular the STI two liter is what I

  • drove today so thanks again for watching throttle down under folks and I will see

  • you on the next video

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  • to tell me what you'd like to see next what car or motorcycle would you like to

  • learn all about and I'll try my best to make it happen

  • see you guys

Subaru wants us to believe that they've been able to put the performance


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2018 スバル レヴォーグSTI・WRXワゴン(ドライブ&レビュー (Subaru Levorg STI 2018 - WRX Wagon (DRIVE AND REVIEW))

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