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  • And there's no medical reason why this had happened

  • In fact, my mom was a nurse.

  • And she made sure she did everything right.

  • And my parents didn't do anything wrong, and my doctor didn't do anything wrong.

  • And uh, I...

  • I was just told that it's one of these things, you know. Only God knows why this happened.

  • When people were teasing me, I used to ask myself, "Why are people teasing me?" You know.

  • Is it just because I looked different, or what is it?

  • Because I knew that a lot of other people looked different, you know.

  • Some people have orange hair.

  • Some people have black hair. Some people are tall. Some people are short. Everybody's got their differences.

  • And I didn't think that my difference was much different than everybody else.

  • Then why are they picking on me?

  • But this is the thing at school. Everybody picks on everybody.

  • It's so sad to see that

  • people get teased about, you know, how their face looks

  • or if they got a limp, or if they're in a wheelchair. And it's wrong.

  • It's so wrong.

  • You know, when people see me for the first time, what do they think? I feel so sorry for this guy.

  • Without arms and legs. And you must have such a bad life.

  • And you know, this guy can't do this, this guy... Why?

  • How can they say that?

  • They judge me by how they look. They have no idea that I've done a double degree in accounting and financial planning.

  • They have no idea that I'm a real estate investor, that I'm a stock market investor, that I love my life.

  • That I travel around the world, and I give people hope in a unique and powerful way. I love my life.

  • I'm living a more complete life than the average 23-year-old.

  • Because arms and legs will not make you complete.

  • And how you look will not make you complete.

  • This is how I brush my teeth.

  • And you know, in life, where you say, "I wish I have this."

  • And, "If only I have this, then I'll be happy."

  • And you get that, and you're happy for two weeks.

  • And then, you said, "If only I have this, then I'll be happy."

  • And you get that, and are you happy?

  • Yeah, for two weeks!

  • And then?

  • No "and then".

  • This is the thing.

  • Happiness does not come from temporary things.

  • Because if you want happiness and you go to temporary things, your happiness will be temporary.

  • You want to see a cool trick? I'll show you.

  • It's quite funny.

  • If you actually find out the definition of disability, disability is something that's gonna stop you from doing something.

  • And I think that having no arms and no legs is not the biggest disability at all.

  • In fact, I think the greatest disability of all is your mind.

And there's no medical reason why this had happened


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