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  • You just found out your flight's been delayed?

  • At this airport, count your lucky stars.

  • There's many amenities and services you can get into.

  • And I'm not just talking about free Wi-Fi.

  • You can catch the latest Blockbuster movie here, playing 24/7. Oh, and it's free.

  • It's home to the country's tallest indoor slide and it's not just for kids.

  • Take a dip in the world's only airport outdoor pool.

  • You can come here and see nearly 1,000 butterflies and over 40 species.

  • Watch planes land and take off in the restroom.

  • You can enjoy a free express hand massage.

  • Take a seat for a free fragrance consultation.

  • Take a nap in this public area, also known as the Snooze Lounge, and surrounded by the Sanctuary Garden.

  • Oh, and also Changi has been voted the world's best airport to sleep.

  • This is the Social Tree where you can take photos and compete with other passengers in games.

  • Let's give it a try.

  • Year after year, Singapore Changi Airport continues to win the best airport in the world award.

  • In fact, it's even marketed as it's own destination.

  • Sometimes families come here on weekends just to shop and dine.

  • In fact, I just met a couple of students who traveled here just to study and then go back home.

  • So how do you design the world's best airport? Let's find out.

  • It's not very common to find an airport that's carpeted, but here it's the norm.

  • Why? For one, it increases the luxury factor and number two, it helps absorb sounds,

  • so there's less noise, meaning passengers feel more relaxed.

  • Here in this terminal, the ceiling is using intelligent lighting

  • which controls the amount of natural light that enters the building.

  • After you're finished in the restroom, you're encouraged to

  • rate your experience based on the cleanliness of the toilets.

  • Now, this isn't done for Mr. Hassan's year-end review,

  • but it's actually collecting real-time data on how the restrooms are performing.

  • So for instance, if this one is getting a lot of 'Average',

  • operations staff know to send more people to here to figure out why.

  • So essentially now, the passengers are sort of, working for the airport.

  • This airport gets 1.8 million clicks of feedback like this per month. That's a lot of data.

  • There's multiple retail concept stores here at Changi. For example, this Whiskey House,

  • which has more than 100 different types of whiskeys available for complimentary tasting.

  • Many spirit brands decide to launch limited special edition products, specifically for this airport.

  • Why? Well, in addition to having high-end consumers pass through, there's also many nationalities.

  • In addition to plants being placed throughout the airport, there's five themed gardens like this one.

  • And 99% of all the greenery here, is completely real. And it's not exactly easy to maintain.

  • In addition to 10 plant specialists, there's more than 150 gardeners

  • working 24/7 to ensure its 'Excellent' standard.

You just found out your flight's been delayed?


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