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  • today we will learn

  • travel English at

  • English -

  • hi my name is David Claussen and today

  • we are going

  • off the beaten

  • path

  • at an island named

  • Saba, Saba is known as the Unspoiled Queen

  • meaning that

  • the island

  • is still pristine

  • or like it was

  • the original how it used to be

  • it is a very small

  • island in the Caribbean Sea

  • near Puerto Rico

  • here is Venezuela

  • and the Dominican Republic

  • it is governed by the country of the Netherlands

  • and here it is

  • over here many

  • kilometres and miles away

  • it is unspoiled because of the ecosystem

  • where

  • there is

  • it does not have sandy beaches

  • but it is a place for scuba diving

  • to go scuba

  • it is a very small island that is only five

  • miles

  • or 13

  • excuse me, 13 kilometers

  • square miles

  • with just one road

  • going through it, here are some beautiful pictures

  • of the island from google images here is a picture of scuba diving

  • here is a better idea of a scuba diver with these beautiful reefs

  • the population of Saba is only 1,424 people

  • and 200 to 300

  • medical students attend the university

  • so it's a big

  • university for medicine on a very small island

  • it's also popular for its lace, this is lace clothing

  • or tapestry or textiles right here and this will give you an idea of the type of food

  • that they have there here are some pictures of

  • some restaurants here is a picture of one of the four villages

  • and some fun places to stay hotel accommodations

  • small little pool view, a beautiful resort into the hillside

  • and they say all of the hotels have beautiful views

  • a couple more pictures with this view from mount scenery

  • or underwater this turtle, this is a turtle or a fish called the barracuda so that's Wikitravels, off the beaten path

  • Saba, the Unspoiled Queen, for many more free lessons go to English - quickly .com

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  • so thanks so much for your time and happy learning

today we will learn


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Travel English: SABA, a Beautiful Island

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