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  • Hello there, Today am going to teach you how to use the

  • prepositionAT, ON and IN”.

  • I know it is usually confusing which one to use in different scenarios.

  • Here are the best situations and general rules.

  • When talking about time, IN is used to refer to a general, long period

  • of time, such as months, years, decades, or centuries, for exampleIN April,” “IN

  • 2015”, “IN the 21st century.”

  • ON is used to talk about particular days, dates, and holidays, e.g., “I went to work

  • on Monday.”

  • AT is used to refer to hours, minutes or very specific times, .e.g., “The train will come

  • at 10:00 AM”, “He's still working at midnight.”

  • When talking about space and address, IN is used to refer to a large land-area like

  • City, States, Countries, etc., while ON is used to talk about street level locations

  • like road, avenue, etc., AT is used to refer to a specific or concrete address, like street

  • number.

  • For example, “Michael lives ON 12th street IN New York

  • City.”

  • Her office is AT 250 Market Street in San Francisco.”

  • Brazil is in South America.”

  • You can see, IN normally refers to a large space or long period, ON is relatively smaller,

  • shorter, but still not a concrete location or time, while AT is the smallest and shortest,

  • it often refers to a very specific location or time.

  • With this information, you can handle 95% of the use-cases, but you know, there're

  • always exceptions in English, like: when talking about surface, we always use

  • ON. while we use on when referring to days, but

  • IN is used for parts of days, like in the morning, in the afternoon, etc.

  • Hope now you can use AT ON and IN more confidently.

  • Thanks for watching.

Hello there, Today am going to teach you how to use the


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IN、ON、ATの違い (Difference between IN, ON and AT)

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