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  • Hey guys, today I wanted to share about a free program for learning languages with music that I've been using for over a year.

    どうも、皆さん。今日は私が 1 年以上使っている、音楽と共に言葉を学べる無料プログラムをご紹介したいと思います。

  • And why I find it to be better than Duolingo or other programs that rely on translating sentences from your native language.

    そして、どの点が Duolingo や文章を母国語から翻訳をする形を取るその他のプログラムよりも優れているのかも説明していきます。

  • Lyrics Training is a website and a mobile app that tests you on the lyrics of your favorite songs in your target language.

    Lyrics Training は、好きな曲の歌詞を自分が学んでいる言語で学習していくサイトで、携帯用アプリも用意されています。

  • If you've been following my channel for a while, you know that I post videos all the time about how important it is to listen to music in your target language.


  • And this program allows you to take advantage of that during your active study time rather than just passively listening throughout the day, which is also important.


  • I've said this in past videos, but every time you learn a new phrase in your target language, it's like adding another arrow to your quiver.


  • It's another phrase that you can fall back on and utilize the grammatical construction while you're in conversation.


  • In my opinion, memorizing song lyrics is the fastest and easiest way of storing mass amounts of sentences in your brain.


  • And Lyricstraining dot com is one of the best ways that I found of doing that.

    その上で、この は私が見た中で最適だと思ったわけです。

  • So let's take a look at what it's actually like.


  • The app and the website both do basically the same thing, but the website has a few more functionalities, so I'm gonna show you guys how to use this on the website.


  • The first thing you're gonna do is go to the language that you're learning.


  • These are the languages that they offer right now.


  • There's a good number of them, and it will probably only become more as the website grows and as they become more popular.


  • We're gonna click on Spanish here just because Spanish is a language that I already know.


  • Next thing you're gonna notice is that there's actually a lot of genres here on this website, which is great because it means they have something for everybody no matter what language you're learning.


  • So one of the things that I like to do is learn languages with Disney movies because I already know them and they're familiar songs to me.


  • So we're gonna go to soundtracks, and you'll see here, they have "Coco."


  • They have "Pocahontas," "Lion King."


  • Here they have "Mulan."


  • We're gonna click on Colores En El Viento.

    では、Colores En El Viento(ポカホンタス)をクリックしましょう。

  • And you can see that I have already favorited this song because it's a song that I wanted to use to learn.


  • And I learned basically all the vocabulary with this song.


  • Now, they're gonna let you choose between beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.


  • Okay, this is a little bit misleading because this website is not honestly great for absolute beginners.


  • Even though it says beginner here, if you're a pretty new to your language, then you're just gonna want to stick with Duolingo or something a little bit more basic.

    ここには初心者用とありますけど、初めてこの言語に触れるような人の場合は Duolingo などのもう少し基礎に重点を置いたプログラムから始めるのが良いと思います。

  • Also along those lines, the expert version is very difficult unless you're very advanced in your language.


  • So keep that in mind.


  • For the purpose of this video, we'll go to intermediate.


  • Now, up here we have the choice between the written mode and the multiple choice mode.


  • I'm gonna do multiple choice mode just because it's a little bit easier than written mode, and I wanted to show you guys how it works.


  • So we're gonna start here to start the song.


  • Now, they're gonna show you the words down here.


  • It's your job to choose which word you want to fill in the blank, pretty self-explanatory.


  • Once you find a song you like, keep listening to it until you know all the words and you can beat it on expert mode.


  • And then every time you do this, it's another arrow in your quiver.


  • Now, like I said,Lyrics Training is devoted totally to input immersion, and there's no translation involved.

    さて、前にも話した通り、Lyrics Training は情報にびっしりと漬かることのみを目的としていますから、翻訳作業は入っていません。

  • So when you run into words that you don't understand, you're gonna need to look them up on other websites like wordreference dot com.

    ですから、意味の分からない言葉にぶつかった時は、 のような別のサイトで検索する必要があります。

  • But it's not really a big deal.


  • Now, I should mention that if you're using the mobile app, you only get three free songs every 30 minutes.

    ちなみに、アプリ版では 30 分間に使える無料の曲は 3 つまでに限られます。

  • But this is only for the app.


  • There's no limitations if you're using the website.


  • But this actually isn't that bad because three songs every half-hour is more than enough to help you improve your language.

    それでも、30 分間に 3 曲というのは上達するには十分すぎるくらいの量ですから、全然悪くはないです。

  • And honestly, if you're gonna be using this app every day, these prices for the premium subscription are not expensive.


  • Especially in comparison to other comparable language learning apps.


  • If you make it a habit to study song lyrics for 10 minutes a day, I guarantee you'll start noticing a positive difference in your language learning.

    もし毎日歌の歌詞を 10 分勉強することを習慣づけられれば、語学学習の成果が目に見えて現れてくると間違いなく実感できるはずです。

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  • I post a video every Monday and Friday to help you learn how to make language learning fast, fun and easy.


  • So thanks for watching and we'll see you guys on Friday.


Hey guys, today I wanted to share about a free program for learning languages with music that I've been using for over a year.

どうも、皆さん。今日は私が 1 年以上使っている、音楽と共に言葉を学べる無料プログラムをご紹介したいと思います。

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音楽を使って言葉を学習するのに最適なアプリのご紹介 (Best app for learning languages with MUSIC (Lyrics Training))

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