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  • The hoodie is an amazing object.

    フーディというのは すごいものです

  • It's one of those timeless objects that we hardly think of, because they work so well that they're part of our lives.

    古びることがなくあまりに生活に溶け込んでいて 意識されることのない

  • We call them "humble masterpieces."


  • ( Small thing. )


  • ( Big idea. )


  • ( Paola Antonelli on the Hoodie )

    パオラ・アントネッリが フーディを語る

  • The hoodie has been -- even if it was not called so -- it's been an icon throughout history for good and for bad reasons.

    フーディは その名で 呼ばれるようになる以前から歴史の中で 良い意味や悪い意味で 象徴的なものでした。

  • The earliest ones that we can trace are from ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

    私たちに辿れる 最古の例は古代ギリシアや 古代ローマ時代のものです

  • The Middle Ages, you see a lot of monks that were wearing garments that were cape-like, with hoods attached, so therefore, "hoodies."

    中世には 多くの修道士がフード付きのケープみたいな 服を着ていました一種のフーディです

  • Ladies in the 17th century would wear hoodies to kind of hide themselves when they were going to meet their lovers.

    17世紀のご婦人は 愛人に会いに行くとき見られないように フーディを纏ったことでしょう

  • And then, of course, there's the legend, there's fantasy.

    そしてもちろん 伝説や ファンタジーの世界もあります

  • There's the image of the hoodie connected to the grim reaper.

    フーディのイメージは 死神に結びつけられ

  • There's the image of the hoodie connected to the executioner.

    また処刑人の イメージもありました

  • So there's the dark side of the hoodie.


  • The modern incarnation of the hoodie -- a garment that's made usually of cotton jersey, that has a hood attached with a drawstring.

    フーディが現代に 再び現れたのは紐を通した フードの付いている綿でできた 伸縮性のある服としてでした

  • Sometimes it has a marsupial pocket -- was introduced in the 1930s by Knickerbocker Knitting Company.

    前ポケットが 付いていることもありこれは1930年代に Knickerbocker Knitting Company という会社が作り始めました

  • And now it's called Champion.


  • It was meant to keep athletes warm.

    もともとは運動選手の 防寒用でしたが

  • Of course, though, it was such a functional, such comfortable garment that it was very rapidly adopted by workmen everywhere.

    服として とても機能的で 快適だったためすぐに労働者の間で 広まりました

  • And then, around the 1980s, it also gets adopted by hip-hop and B-boys, skateboarders, and it takes on this kind of youth street culture.

    それから1980年代になって ヒップホップや ブレイクダンスやスケートボードをする人たちの間で 着られるようになり街の若者文化に 浸透したんです

  • It was, at the same time, super-comfortable, perfect for the streets and also had that added value of anonymity when you needed it.

    それは とても快適で街着にぴったりでしたが同時に 必要なときには 匿名性が得られるという利点がありました

  • And then we have Mark Zuckerberg, that defies convention of respectable attire for businesspeople.

    そしてマーク・ザッカーバーグが 現れます彼はビジネスに相応しい服装をするという 慣習を意に介しませんが

  • But interestingly, it's also a way to show how power has changed.

    興味深いのは これが力関係の 変化も示している点です

  • If you're wearing a two-piece suit, you might be the bodyguard.

    ツーピースのスーツを着ているのは ボディガードかもしれず

  • The real powerful person is wearing a hoodie with a T-shirt and jeans.

    本当に重要な人物が フーディと Tシャツやジーンズを着ているんです

  • It's easy to think of the physical aspects of the hoodie.

    フーディの物としての側面は 分かりやすいものです

  • You can immediately think of wearing the hood up, and you feel this warmth and this protection, but at the same time, you can also feel the psychological aspects of it.

    ードを被ったところを すぐイメージできその保温性や 保護性を感じますが同時にその心理的な面も感じます

  • I mean, think of donning a hoodie, all of a sudden, you feel more protected, you feel that you are into your own shell.


  • We know very well what the hoodie has come to signify in the past few years in the United States.


  • When Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African-American kid, was shot by a neighborhood vigilante.


  • And Million Hoodie Marches happened all over the United States, in which people wore hoodies with the hood up and marched in the streets against this kind of prejudice.


  • It doesn't happen that often for a garment to have much symbolism and history and that encompasses so many different universes as the hoodie.


  • So, like all garments, especially all truly utilitarian garments, it is very basic in its design.


  • But at the same time, it has a whole universe of possibilities attached.


The hoodie is an amazing object.

フーディというのは すごいものです

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【TED】パオラ・アントネッリ: フーディ 三千年の歴史 (The 3,000-year history of the hoodie | Small Thing Big Idea, a TED series)

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